Resistance in Matter

September 1, 2018 1 By Lance Kelly

Perhaps the greatest mystery of all is how the earth and universe appear as a solid physical world in sense. This is because the creation, as a sensory replication of the supernal idea of existence, is the meeting place of spirit and matter.

There are two fundamental energies: the incoming spirit arising within matter and the down-coming energy from outer space. When we perceive the external world through the eyes, the two energies converge and create the solid feel of being alive. At this stage of creation a natural equilibrium is maintained. But what has happened is that the human race has become exclusively focused on the objective world and upset the balance of life. We’ve climbed into the movie and become attached to the changing pictures on the screen.

As sensory beings in existence we are intelligence in matter. Out of existence we are something else. Original matter is impossible to quantify. This unknowable substance of eternity is the fuel that powers the moment and makes existence possible. Matter has never been studied by science – only its effects. Science relates to the external world, mistaking matter for form in its search for meaning in physical existence. It’s an understandable error since science refutes anything that cannot be measured or quantified in materialistic terms.

In its pristine state out of existence, matter is a timeless energy. At this level of reality, matter is pure energy (or anti-matter) that provides the creative patterns for the structure and solid shapes as particular ideas of life forms to exist. The substance of original matter is released in eternity on waves of time. In the natural creatures these pure psychic waves are uncorrupted and account for their beauty and innocence.

In human beings, matter contracts due to our self-consciousness, which the other creatures do not have. It’s the holding on to the past that causes the energy of matter to coagulate and become attached to the flesh, the pure sensation of the body. This corruption in matter externalises as a force of negativity, which is why people can appear so unbecoming at times – and yet so beautiful when they are centred in their being. However, this is only as a consequence of the build-up of past which has created blockages within the natural flow of life. The spiritual process of entering the body as a conscious practice is the endeavour to purify the inner space of the subconscious and eliminate any resistance in the matter.

The resistance in matter can be registered through the human psyche as inertia or the feeling of constriction which prevents people from being in touch with their wellbeing. To reduce any resistance to the practical requirements of everyday living, it’s necessary to identify the symptoms through becoming attuned to the inner sensation of the body. This involves being conscious and observing without judgment the effects of any stress or inner conflict when confronted with something that needs to be done. The solution is then to take action to rectify the disturbance. The self would rather prevaricate than do anything practical to alleviate the problem. Action purifies emotional blockages and restores the natural energy balance in the body. Each time resistance is overcome through conscious action, it contributes to banishing the negative effects for good.

Alternatively, it may be necessary to interrupt any momentum which can generate a great pressure to get things finished, such as struggling to meet a deadline at work. To overcome the resistance in this situation is to introduce a pause to connect with the peace and wellbeing within the body. Just being in existence attracts innumerable forces which deplete the finest bodily energies. It’s a case of continually checking that I am present and alert in every situation.

Matter purified of past is love, the medium that enables the truth of our origins to be realised. The truth of our origins is that we are born to love and be loved. This original state of being ensured then, as it does now, that the harmony and joy of being a body imbued with cosmic consciousness is retained and kept alive as the living truth in this matter.