Staying Alert to Life

February 13, 2018 0 By Lance Kelly

Life is the vital sense of being alive. The cheetah exists in a state of continual alertness to its environment, without which the fine line between survival and death would be too tenuous to maintain. And it’s the same for all the animal species. It’s only in the human animal that it’s a rarity to live in an uninterrupted harmony by staying alert to life.

Everything to exist is programmed to perform in a prescribed fashion as a facet of the divine mechanism of creation. However, in a human body the creative freedom of the vital being is mostly unable to be expressed spontaneously due to the robotic nature of humanity. This is because the human race is attached to the repetition of experience, particularly to sex without love. The habitual reactions of an emotional way of life degrade the power of consciousness to such an extent that most people exist in a subconscious dream state within the overall dream of existence.

Staying alert is necessary to function effectively in the world. But it’s the resistance in the matter which depletes much of the vital energy during the daily routine. The emotional self prefers to ruminate on the experience of the past instead of taking action. The taking of action purifies the subconscious inertia and releases a new energy which unblocks the negative resistance of the self. The key to staying alert to life is to continually surrender the past as the last moment. This is truly living in the present, but until this becomes a conscious way of life there will always be a sense of something missing.

It’s increasingly difficult in this age of super-technology to find the time or inclination to be still without something to occupy the mind. The hub of the world throbs with a seething intensity, alert for the next tragedy, scandal, or sports extravaganza. The news reporter is alert for the next breaking story, just as the entrepreneur is alert for the next big deal. Similarly, the swindler is alert for his next victim, as the truth seeker is vigilant for a sign from God. What gives the greatest pleasure is where the focus of the mind will gravitate in the ever-unfolding drama of life. But whatever gives satisfaction in a worldly sense is a transitory phase of life which fades into insignificance at the approach of physical death.

The global vibration of electromagnetic energy exerts an enormous drain on the vitality of the body, which most people unconsciously entertain in their daily lives. Vigilance is the way to master the mind’s incessant need to be mentally active. Being present in the senses creates a natural perimeter of space, not unlike a moat that surrounds a castle to keep any hostile forces at bay. To be alert is to be conscious of both inner and outer realities, which combine to produce our total experience of life. To be unconscious is to be exclusively focused on one and not the other. The idea is to unite the psychic aspect of the being with the sensory awareness as a fusion of mind body and spirit.

Staying alert to life is to be psychically open to the moment as a true participant within this glorious creation. Then the moment, which is now, can work for good and provide whatever is necessary for life to be enjoyed to the full.