The Fundamental Reality

April 10, 2021 2 By Lance Kelly

There’s not much reality in the world today. Otherwise science, the pinnacle of intellectual knowledge, would have discovered something of value for humanity to serve as a universal way of life. Religion, the failed science of yesterday, is just as unreal with its appalling record of holy wars, inquisitions and adherence to ceremonial procedures. Religion relies on belief for salvation in some future heaven, whereas living the spiritual life discards belief for the direct knowledge of life in the here and now. The truth is that what is real doesn’t disappear in time. How then to approach reality to experience for ourselves the fundamental reality behind existence?

Eternity is a word that has always been used to describe the highest state of reality. The echo of eternity can be registered at a sensory level as the grainy tingling sensation within the body. This is most noticeable within the hands, although the whole body is sensationally alive with this eternal resonance. Until the mind is still enough to attune to the sensation, the attention will lack the focus to discern the subtle intimations of the psyche. Between each grain of sensation is space purified of the corruption in matter that is the past. As the mind becomes accustomed to the absence of formality, there’s a deepening perception of undifferentiated life while simultaneously allowing life to be projected through the senses.

As a species, our bodies have become hardened in time as a structure of emotion and matter. In fact people sometimes have an irrational urge to break free from the physical and psychological constraint of being in existence. This is a reaction to the incoming pressure of life arising into material consciousness. Life emerges from the unconscious as the instinctual desire to experience existence in the sensory world. From the unlimited freedom of universal space, life then concertinas as reducing spirals into the restricted space of a physical body. The natural solution to offset any inner discomfort is the simultaneous release from the unconscious of the energy of death. Death is as much a part of life as living; it’s just that most people only associate death with the demise of the physical body. But our reality is much more enduring than that.

The natural process of death is the elimination of every last moment of existence, the letting go of any memorable reference to the past. However as a consequence of the incessant transmission of information and data being relayed around the world, a blockage has formed within the human psyche that is unable to be processed and eliminated by the natural death process. This is not dissimilar to ‘fatbergs’, which are a rock-like mass of waste matter found in the sewers of the great cities of the world. The condition is further compounded by the way people attach themselves to their experience, replaying and dwelling on past impressions of their living life.

Another fundamental aspect of reality is that everything happens in the human brain. There’s no ‘out there’ in the outer world except as a projection in sense of the energetic idea of life behind the appearance of the myriad forms in the objective universe. In dreamless sleep or when unconscious, the world disappears. When conscious in the senses everything reappears as the sensory projection. At physical death the thread connecting the awareness to the unconscious is severed and a new phase of life begins. Here on earth the struggle continues in a divisive world and will intensify as we crank up the emotional ambiance towards the closing chapters of an inglorious era of human suffering and moral decay.

For someone inspired to unite with their immortal being while still in the body, the world starts to lose its appeal. In its place come frequent reminders to stay present and alert in the senses. And in time, the search for truth becomes the primary focus of life, and the way in which the truth is realised. Each man or woman discovers their fundamental reality through the gradual erosion of what once was upheld as the strongest worldly desire. Each living life enters existence on a desire wave which contains, not only the provision to make real the inner yearning but also the resistance appearing as the challenges in the life. Through grace, the striving and strain of living is eventually transformed back to love’s golden essence. In this state, the desire to be anything other than who I am is negated; and what remains is life unaffected by the continual flux of outer forces.