Towards Cosmic Consciousness

November 27, 2021 2 By Lance Kelly

The entire spiritual process is towards cosmic consciousness, which then reveals the purpose of life on earth. The earth is the home of humanity, but not in exclusion of the rest of the universe. The solar system and stars are as much a part of our spiritual identity as our earthly genes and heredity traits that can be traced back to the first microbes. To be cosmically conscious is to be able to participate in universal life wherever it may appear. However, at this phase of human evolution, it’s still rare for anyone to break through into the lofty heights of uninterrupted cosmic consciousness. But it can be done.

Humanity at present is at the tail end of the cosmic system of intelligence. As a consequence, the world exists as a universal working model of unhappiness; any negative wastage from the cosmos gravitates to the terrestrial level of mind. And yet, despite the injustice and deplorable condition of life on earth (which must be lived through to its inevitable demise), life is good for it’s always here now. But how is it possible to keep on going, even under the sentence of death? It’s because we’re all engaged in something infinitely vaster and more enduring than our brief time on earth.

Cosmic consciousness is synonymous with divine power and operates in the present as the continuum of that ever-recurring moment in eternity. This point of timeless presence is inherent in each of us and, infused with the principle of love, emanates from the being as our spiritual nature. Love is our unique contribution as earthlings to the evolution of life, wherever it may be. There is no other love elsewhere in the cosmos. It’s the impersonal gravitational waves of love that attract visiting extra-terrestrial intelligence to the terrestrial plane of mind.

In this evolutionary phase, it’s only in the after-death process when freed of the residue of past that the majority of the human race has anything of value to impart to life elsewhere in the cosmos. Death releases the attachment to the world, and the essence of the life’s sensory experience is disseminated into space, even to the most distant star. The virtue of life can then be assimilated at an octave of consciousness which influences the advancement of life elsewhere in the universe.

The human experience of sensory perception consists entirely of past. When no longer restricted by emotional barriers, the clarified spiritual perception reveals a formless world within the abstract field of space as the realm of the timeless. As the shackles of past are transcended, the man or woman is no longer a prisoner of time and begins to participate as a true being of cosmic consciousness. In looking down on creation through the purified space of the psyche, the world is perceived as it is and not through a screen of personal interpretation which distorts the clarity of mind. What’s astonishing is that everything is then seen to have its place within the apparent chaos and mayhem of a world civilisation riddled with vice and corruption.

The deeper the love of the indefinable God or mystery of life, the more the tangible materialism of the world is seen as a transitory phase where being alive or dead becomes increasingly irrelevant to our eternal reality. Life everlasting am I in each body, yet bound to a timeless score beyond knowing, but not beyond being, as a step on the way to participating in cosmic consciousness. This is not a progression but a shift in perception and time, where what appeared to be separate in space is now a radiant unity, integrated through the spiritual vision of life.


Extract from e-book: ‘The Spiritual Vision ‘.