pink single roseThese articles are written to convey the fundamental problem of love on earth and what can be done by the individual to redress the balance in some way, especially in a relationship. I’ve been blessed to have been in a partnership for over twenty years with a woman who, to me, personifies love on earth. For love to endure in a partnership requires a sense of higher purpose. The purpose of love is simply to enjoy being together without any negativity interrupting the pleasure. It would seem preposterous to suggest that such a harmonious state of love is attainable.

However, it is possible to have an untroubled love; but not in a personal sense where both partners consider the feelings of the other, as is the case in normal relationships. A normal relationship is where couples accept that it is okay to argue periodically and demand love when they themselves are not giving sufficiently to love. In a normal relationship there is usually some kind of sexual trade-off that eases temporarily the friction between partners, enabling things to carry on reasonably smoothly. It’s not long, however, before a gradual build-up of emotional force and frustration is triggered when things inevitably deteriorate due to the lack of honesty in the partnership.

Lance Kelly


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