Warning: Dangerous Cargo

June 28, 2024 5 By Lance Kelly

Any goods that are potentially hazardous require clear labelling or warning signs before any cargo can be transported safely. It would save a lot of trouble and hardship if human beings could also have some visible signs that indicated whether they were potentially combustible or contained toxic emotional energy. And yet if you know what to look for, the signs are often there making it possible to discern whether you’re in proximity to dangerous cargo.

When you meet someone for the first time, the warning signs of any dangerous cargo are usually harder to discern. This is because people tend to be on their best behaviour to create a positive first impression. But it’s not long before cracks appear along the grooves of the personality and the first signs of danger appear. What happens to begin with is the psychic stroking of self which projects itself outside of the body to create a vibrational field of tension. This probing of emotional force is the basis of sexual possession seeking entry into another’s personal space. When a connection is made, the intensity of the exchange generates feelings which set in motion a chain reaction of mutational emotional energy. This type of behaviour is typical in many social interactions instigated by sexual innuendo, and normally tolerated as ‘harmless’ flirting.

Highly inflammable cargo can be triggered with only the slightest change in the emotional body of self. Without warning, the entire contents of unresolved unconscious forces lash out in reactionary fury. When allowed free rein, the personal emotions are fanned by the inrush of the collective intensity of waves from the impersonal psyche. This magnifies the virulence of self which consumes the finest energies of another body it has now possessed. When satisfied (for now) of its feed, the self withdraws and leaves the person drained and depleted. Until the man or woman can maintain a conscious presence within the psychic labyrinths of the subconscious, they will be a walking time bomb, primed to explode when provoked by the excitation of emotional feelings.

As a safeguard to being exposed to dangerous cargo, both in the individual body and in others, steps must be taken to ensure that no outside agency can penetrate and activate any potentially dangerous substances. This safety measure is inherent in the power of consciousness. At the request of the man or woman for a smoother passage through existence, life responds by defusing the threat of something blowing up without warning.

The price for this easing of the burden of existence is responsibility. In the first instance, it’s to be responsible for whatever surrounds the person as their immediate reality in their relationships and circumstances that currently reflect their inner state of consciousness. As the life is tidied up externally, so the former inner combustible forces are neutralised and transformed to their original power of love. Warning signs which were once indiscernible are now clearly perceived well in advance so that any potential danger can be averted or, as happens more often than not, simply passes by without disrupting the joy and harmony of life.