The effects of the manifested world and universe are not unlike looking into a kaleidoscope which produces the incredible complexity of shapes, patterns and symmetry of movement. But once embodied on earth is there a way out of the kaleidoscope of existence while alive? The spiritual integrity of life reveals the way back to the reality within while simultaneously living our ordinary lives in the world.


The unconscious, although unknowable to the mind, has two fundamental drives with which we’re all familiar in our own experience: these are the energies of sex and death. At the level of the unconscious, sex is really love and an aspect of divine purity and grace. The energy of death originates in the unconscious as the idea of creation; there’s no death in the creation only everlasting life. Inherent in life in its purity is the deathless state, which is the instinctual knowledge of immortality. 



Of all the negative behavioural traits of the human condition, anger is the most volatile and destructive. At every level, anger looks to externalise in the world as a reaction to events and circumstances which reflect the original trauma at birth.


In this video we are taken into the body through being conscious of the breath and focus within the body. By giving time to being still and inwardly receptive to the subtlety of the inner realm we are then able to appreciate the vastness and harmony of our innate spiritual reality.


Making love conscious becomes a total practice of life when a man or woman has discovered the true purpose of existence. This talk introduces the basis of becoming more conscious in lovemaking and offers guidance and practical advice.



A popular misconception is that the ego and the self are the same. This is reinforced by terms such as ‘inflated ego’ or ‘ego trip’, which have obscured the workings of the self. The ego is not the self. The ego is a beautiful principle which is present as instinctual intelligence in every living organism on earth and functions to protect its survival. The ego operates in the present whereas the self, as an entity of past, must continually reflect on the memory to affirm its existence in the world. The self is the consummate trickster and skilled in the art of deception. The self is cunning because by shifting the focus from within it takes away the need for I, the individual, to be responsible now.