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Our Divine Nature

Our divine nature is the natural expression of our immortal reality. Whenever in love or in touch with the earth, the quality of this source of beauty and wonder is immediately recognisable as something divine. But what so often appears to cut us off from this inspirational state is our acquired human nature. In this talk we hear how to distinguish between our divine and human nature so as to realise and merge with our original state of being.



Heaven and Hell

Heaven and hell represent the opposite ends of our living experience as the polarity of pleasure and pain. From an inner perspective, heaven and hell are the two divisions within our psychic system. When the spiritual life is lived with purpose and resolve, the inner descent back through the psyche unites the two halves as a state of purified space.


Truth  and Love

The distinction between truth and love is rarely made. These two mighty words signify all that we human beings can aspire to be in this place where we all meet on the earth.



Am I Going Mad?

The first phase of the spiritual process is the entry of the spirit into the brain, which initiates an inward turn towards the source of reality within the body. After the initial euphoria there’s usually a downturn as the timeless energy of the spirt is assimilated throughout the entire body system. Many people struggle with this next phase of the spiritual procedure, often asking: ‘Am I going mad?’ This video sheds some light on this subject and offers some reassuring guidance on what’s happening and how to contain the energy of this transformative period.



Being Unique

Each of us in our own way is endeavouring to be unique; to manifest our finest attributes and qualities in the world. To be creatively fulfilled every moment eliminates the drive to compete or compare the life to another’s. When connected to the unique aspect of our inner divinity, all problems disappear to reveal a state of peace and completion.


Letting  Go

People are often advised to ‘just let go’ of any emotional pain or anxiety as though it’s something that can be done without first confronting the source of negativity. If it were a case of simply letting go, then everyone would be free and able to detach at will from the demands of the self. It’s the emotional pain of the past that refuses to let go. To effectively let go of the past as any emotional suffering is to practise letting go in the good times, not the bad. Acknowledge pain and it returns, only magnified with the psychic force of other unresolved emotions in the body. Acknowledge with gratitude any good in the life, such as being able to perceive the wonder of the sensory world, and something is retained within the consciousness that is accessible at any time. This is the spiritual essence of the being which transforms the past into the presence of love.




Humility is a state of continual dying to existence. It’s realised when someone truly perceives the futility of trying to understand life or why things happen the way they do. This means being humbled, not in humiliation but through events and circumstances of unrelenting intensity to shatter the arrogance of the person or self. It’s the surrender of everything as a sacred offering to God, the unknowable but all pervading Divine Source within.



Living Consciously

Living consciously is to be the timeless aspect of the being while encompassing the whole spectrum of the living process. Every moment there’s an opportunity to discover something of value, relative to being more conscious in existence.

The Energy of the Times

In this video we see how the energy of the times can be invoked to be a more authentic and conscious being of the times.

Man’s Task in Love

Man must be willing to confront his sexual self. This is a momentous task since sex is the fundamental drive behind every action in existence. Behind the genitals is a creative power of divine origin; but man’s sexual drive must somehow be transformed through a higher purpose than just perpetuating the species and enjoying himself through unconscious lovemaking.



Spiritual Energy

Spiritual energy is neither positive nor negative but a power of negation. Negation, when invoked as a conscious inner state, enables every creative moment to be expressed and then let go as a harmony of being. In this video we hear how this restorative spiritual energy brings the individual closer to the fulfilment of life.



Overcoming Guilt

Many people afflicted by guilt believe they have to be remorseful and emotionally penitent in trying to make sense of their inner conflict. This is to make a virtue of guilt, which now thrives as a corrosive poison of the human condition. In this video Lance Kelly shows how it’s possible to overcome guilt to be responsible for life as a man or woman of integrity.