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The Lure of Pornography

Pornography is prevalent in these times as a lure to entice the mind and emotions. It’s the intensity of the psychic exchange which attaches the person to the experience. Unknowingly, this strengthens the sexual self’s position as the usurper of love in existence. In this video we hear how the lure of pornography can be transcended.



The Effortless State

There comes a point in living the spiritual life when it’s necessary to release the force that was necessary to combat the challenges of holding to the truth earlier in the process. In this video we hear how the effort needed before is transformed to the effortless state of being.



Food and the Spiritual Life

During the spiritual process it’s necessary at some point to examine the relationship with food and any emotional attachments associated with eating that may have gathered over time.


The Truth of A. I.

The truth of artificial intellegence from the spiritual perspective.


Dealing with People’s Negative Emotions

It’s important to know how to deal with people who are being emotional. In this video we look at ways to get things straight with those in the immediate circle such as family members and also with colleagues at work. We also see how emotion operates within each individual body and how any negative energy can be mastered to allow a greater ease and peace to be retained within the being.



Entering the Solar Plexus

The psychic centre that is the portal to the cosmic levels of mind is the solar plexus; this small but highly sensitive region beneath the breastplate is the doorway to reality. To cross this threshold is to unite with the mystery of life and death.