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Tunnel of Death

The light at the end of the tunnel is a familiar term. But what’s the truth of this aspect of existence that many people have reported in their near death experiences? In this talk we are taken into the tunnel of death to discover the truth in our own experience so as to activate and make conscious this part of our inner reality.   



Deeper into the Spirit

There are practical steps that assist the spiritual journey of self-discovery. In this talk we hear how the teachings of masters provide guidance, as well as revealing the pitfalls that many truth seekers encounter on the way.   



The Lure of Pornography

Pornography is prevalent in these times as a lure to entice the mind and emotions. It’s the intensity of the psychic exchange which attaches the person to the experience. Unknowingly, this strengthens the sexual self’s position as the usurper of love in existence. In this video we hear how the lure of pornography can be transcended.



The Effortless State

There comes a point in living the spiritual life when it’s necessary to release the force that was necessary to combat the challenges of holding to the truth earlier in the process. In this video we hear how the effort needed before is transformed to the effortless state of being.



The Truth of A. I.

The truth of artificial intellegence from the spiritual perspective.


Entering the Solar Plexus

The psychic centre that is the portal to the cosmic levels of mind is the solar plexus; this small but highly sensitive region beneath the breastplate is the doorway to reality. To cross this threshold is to unite with the mystery of life and death.