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Does Evil Exist?

Human beings base much of their experince of life on opposites such as good and evil. In this talk we hear how what is termed ‘evil’ arises into the world and what can be gained from a deeper understanding of this aspect of human nature.


Living with Uncertainty

Uncertainty is a powerful truth of this existence. It’s impossible to be certain of anything except that everyone suffers as a consequence of being born. In this video we hear how it’s possible to live without fear or disturbance in a world of uncertainty.



Moving on from Family and Friends

There comes a time in the spiritual process when it’s not possible to stay in the family orbit or in the company of friends as before. In this video we hear why this happens and how the truth of life works to serve the good of the whole




Addiction in all its forms is becoming more widespread as another global symptom of the human condition of unhappiness. The basis of all addiction is the search for something to alleviate the pain and trauma of being born in a divisive world where love struggles to survive. In this video we hear how addictive tendencies can be kept in check.



The Spiritual Well

With a still mind, it’s possible to access a state of pure creativity within the spiritual well of the being. The spiritual well is limitless as a source of knowledge of existence and the origins of the universe. In this video we hear how it’s possible to connect with this well of creativity as a unique expression of life on earth.



What is Time?

In this video we look into the nature of time and hear how ‘real time’ can be invoked to bring the individual to a greater state of consciousness.



Entering the Body

Turning the focus of attention within the body towards the source of life is a major turning point in becoming a more conscious man or woman. In this video we are taken into the stillness of the psyche with fundamental guidelines to merge with the invisible realm.




The need to belong is a powerful impulse within everyone. At the spiritual octave, aloneness transcends the need to belong to anything in the world. This doesn’t mean to live in isolation from one’s fellow man and woman, but enables life to be lived fully in the moment.



The Still Mind 

In this video we examine how to invoke the power of the still mind to take us deeper into the profundity of the being.