The world is run on emotional energy. People are encouraged at every level of human experience to be emotional as though it were a virtue; the truth is the exact opposite. Emotion is anything that creates a feeling within the body, with the exception of a natural feeling such as the direct transmission of pain when we suffer an injury to the body. It’s only afterwards when the mind interprets the situation that emotional feelings arise, such as anger or worry about possible future consequences. Emotions are not universal. For instance, someone can be jealous of a particular man or woman, whereas another person is not moved. So emotions are subject to the personal interpretations of the life that are totality self-orientated and oblivious to the good of the whole.



It’s said that only the mystic or the mad see God. And the most natural thing in existence to love madly is God or the source of life itself. There’s only a fine line between a mystic and a madman. The mystic has to be willingly reduced to nothing and somehow contain the reaction of the emotional self now exposed under the penetrating light of the spirit – without going mad.



The extraordinary quality of the Will is that it imposes no restrictions on a person’s choices or individual free will. The spiritual process is the gradual surrender of the personal will to the mighty power of the Divine Will which, when free of personal interference, will direct each life for the good of the whole.



How is your life? This is a salutation that’s not usually answered with much depth or reality. But how is your life really? What do you see when you pause and look inside where the truth of life is known to see what’s really going on? When continually in touch with life, which is the natural source of wellbeing, the man or woman can then respond to whatever’s required in the moment with the immediacy and passion of life itself



The unconscious, although unknowable to the mind, has two fundamental drives with which we’re all familiar in our own experience: these are the energies of sex and death. At the level of the unconscious, sex is really love and an aspect of divine purity and grace. The energy of death originates in the unconscious as the idea of creation; there’s no death in the creation only everlasting life. Inherent in life in its purity is the deathless state, which is the instinctual knowledge of immortality. 




A popular misconception is that the ego and the self are the same. This is reinforced by terms such as ‘inflated ego’ or ‘ego trip’, which have obscured the workings of the self. The ego is not the self. The ego is a beautiful principle which is present as instinctual intelligence in every living organism on earth and functions to protect its survival. The ego operates in the present whereas the self, as an entity of past, must continually reflect on the memory to affirm its existence in the world. The self is the consummate trickster and skilled in the art of deception. The self is cunning because by shifting the focus from within it takes away the need for I, the individual, to be responsible now.