In this video we look at practical ways to check how real we are being in terms of living a more conscious way of life.



In the approach to the higher states of mind, the attachment to existence is voluntarily discarded; this means to be centred in the body with no position of mind or anticipation of the next moment. The truth of nothing is space purified of the corruption in matter.




Existence consists of two hemispheres: the objective sensory universe and the abstract realm within the body. Our normal perception of the world is a partial representation of life at any moment. In this one-sided way of seeing things we overlook the other side of existence because, from an inner perception, the other side of existence is nothing



The effects of climate change are increasingly having a major impact upon many regions of the earth. But nothing just happens on a global scale which is not instigated by a more profound inner reality. The condition of the world at any time mirrors the accumulative virtue of humanity as the evolutionary point of consciousness of the planet.



Many people afflicted by guilt believe they have to be remorseful and emotionally penitent in trying to make sense of their inner conflict. This is to make a virtue of guilt, which now thrives as a corrosive poison of the human condition. In this video Lance Kelly shows how it’s possible to overcome guilt to be responsible for life as a man or woman of integrity.