The power of stillness is the presence of reality within the purity of space. This absence of thought and intent, when contained without leaving the immediacy of the moment, unites the normally fragmented mind and emotions with the whole body consciousness. To participate in this liberating state of being, all that’s required is a body and the willingness to surrender to the subtlety of the power of stillness within.



Many people afflicted by guilt believe they have to be remorseful and emotionally penitent in trying to make sense of their inner conflict. This is to make a virtue of guilt, which now thrives as a corrosive poison of the human condition. In this video Lance Kelly shows how it’s possible to overcome guilt to be responsible for life as a man or woman of integrity.



The transformation of self intensifies under the relentless scrutiny of the pure intelligence within the body. For a long time, a battle for supremacy rages between the self’s wilful resistance to the call of the spirit and the individual’s readiness to journey on into the deeper mystery of life.



The psychic band is a level of mind that all must pass through in their spiritual journey. Beyond the psychic level of mind the psyche becomes finer, not unlike ascending a mountain when the air becomes more rarefied. Images and formal knowledge are left behind, and what remains is the purity of space devoid of any need for interpretation by the mind. This is the introduction to the spiritual state of reality.