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The need to belong is a powerful impulse within everyone. At the spiritual octave, aloneness transcends the need to belong to anything in the world. This doesn’t mean to live in isolation from one’s fellow man and woman, but enables life to be lived fully in the moment.



Before the Big Bang

Most people are familiar with science’s Big Bang theory that the universe exploded into existence at zero point in time. But what about the pre-existent state before the Big Bang? In this video we look into the reality of existence in its original state and hear how the power behind the visible universe can be made real in our own living lives.



Reaching the Place of Love

Is it possible to reach the place of love even when undergoing intense emotional pressure and pain? In this video we hear how to undermine the virulence of the emotional self and accelerate the process of spiritual transformation. 



The Still Mind 

In this video we examine how to invoke the power of the still mind to take us deeper into the profundity of the being.



Agony and Ecstasy

The ecstasy of life is the creation being renewed every moment whereas the agony is its demise the instant after. In this video we hear how this dynamic of life when consciously perceived reveals the peace that passes all understanding.



Tunnel of Death

The light at the end of the tunnel is a familiar term. But what’s the truth of this aspect of existence that many people have reported in their near death experiences? In this talk we are taken into the tunnel of death to discover the truth in our own experience so as to activate and make conscious this part of our inner reality.   



Deeper into the Spirit

There are practical steps that assist the spiritual journey of self-discovery. In this talk we hear how the teachings of masters provide guidance, as well as revealing the pitfalls that many truth seekers encounter on the way.