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My struggle is believing in ‘the big reveal’ when the illusory world falls away and there is ‘the next level’. How can I trust that won’t just be another ‘Maya’?

There will no mistaking the revelatory impact of the ‘big reveal’ when it happens. Reality, as the word implies, signifies that which is unchangeable and never wavers. There is no reality in the world because everything is subject to change as the effects of time and the erosion of matter. But by the way of things, I the individual must pass through the Maya of existence as a conscious participant of life on earth. The illusion is then seen in its right context as an actual world of sensory perception essential to the whole system of reality behind the observing intelligence. When the transformation of self is complete, the shimmering light of consciousness radiates within the purity of inner space. Since I (in everybody) originate from the timeless state of reality, I recognise immediately the authenticity of my own spiritual being.


My question to you is what about the chaotic mind that is yet to forth a dancing star?  

Without the agitation in matter – the merry dance of the atom – there would be no gathering of cosmic mass necessary for the birth of a star. Closer to the earth, the chaos is a cloud in the still mind. I must contain the chaos while remaining resolute to the task at hand. As I persevere by being practical and attending to the external affairs of the life, the chaos gradually disperses within and is less invasive to inner stillness.

Finally, when observed from the still mind, the whole of creation is perceived as a maelstrom of chaotic perfection; a symphony of colliding forces, exploding stars and galaxies, only appearing to be chaotic while the part as the divided self is separate from the whole.


Are the people who come to your teaching spiritually advanced or just normal people looking for help and guidance?

The people who come to me are ordinary individuals from many different countries who recognise the truth of what I impart. Some people recognise a deeper profundity of truth than others, but everyone who absorbs what I impart at whatever level of consciousness receives something of value which changes the life in some way or other.

The term ‘spiritually advanced’ is really a misnomer since there is no advancement in consciousness. What does happen, as someone is divested of their former ignorance as unconscious living, is the dawning of the original light of the spirit which, unbeknown, has been obscured by the mantle of the world. The world is everything that can be known and experienced repeatedly in time.

As I detach from my world as any need to project my self into existence, the knowledge of the long journey back to the source of truth becomes accessible. Free of any psychic blockages, the inner space becomes a temple of purity, with the self in devotion to the incoming power of the spirit. The impulse at a certain degree of self-knowledge, which is the highest degree of truth, is to help others embarking on the same quest; to unite their divided self with the unity of life everlasting.


The Awful Truth

The truth is awful because it contradicts everything that is taught and revered as the untruth of the world. People say they want the truth but mostly get upset or affronted when it’s presented to them. This happens when the person becomes attached to their master or some religious tradition, which then solidifies as a particular position in the mind and forms a psychological barrier to the development of individual consciousness. The purpose of any genuine realised teacher is to disturb the perimeter of ignorance which surrounds the innocence and purity of the spiritual centre within the brain.

When people say they want the truth, in most instances they are looking for a teacher or guru to say what they want to hear or to quote sweet sounding poetry; this lulls the mind and emotions into a soporific trance. A spiritual teacher’s real function is to puncture the complacency of the mind, which gains its sense of security through sitting on the fence of its mental formulations. The person enjoys being interested in the truth but balks at having to live it as a true participant of this glorious life. It’s the inner being that resonates with the spiritual light of truth which signals the readiness for the deepening knowledge.

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What is the meaning of Duality?

Duality means division which arises from the brain being unable to process the direct transmission of reality without the signal being split by the differentiated senses. Relative to human affairs, this creates the world of opposites and contrast. Examples include hot and cold, pain and pleasure, good and evil, black or white, excitement and depression. Duality means division which arises from the brain being unable to process the direct transmission of reality without the signal being split by the differentiated senses. Relative to human affairs, this creates the world of opposites and contrast. Examples include hot and cold, pain and pleasure, good and evil, black or white, excitement and depression.

At the spiritual octave, duality refers to two exact opposites that derive from the same source, such as love and truth. From the reality point (which is the authentic identity behind each individual) there is no duality but supreme unity within the matrix of original space. Any apparent movement within the higher realms of mind occurs in the slower time gradients of the psyche. This is a necessary procedure to enable the pristine ideas within the unmoving and unalterable state of reality to manifest in existence. The human mind, until enlightened through transcendental knowledge, interprets this release of timeless energy as duality, when in truth the reality system functions as a unity of Supreme Being or faster-than-light intelligence.


Living the Truth

“Living the truth is not a part-time job. It’s a full time occupation, a devotion to a higher love. It’s not about isolating oneself in a cave but fully participating as an ordinary man or woman in the everyday activities of life – but with a difference. This is the foundation of purpose, which is to become more conscious of life and love. It requires a dedicated scrutiny of every area of the daily life to uncover anything false which is depleting the finer energies needed to enter the body more profoundly. This will give increasing power to remain conscious and alert to counter the enormous distractions of the world, which exist to keep the mind active and the emotions agitated in the matter. It takes great presence to remain in the equilibrium of being while all around is the mayhem and momentum of these times.”.


Unresolved issues arising from past relationships

Anything unresolved from the past appears as whatever is causing emotional pain and distress in the present. It’s to look into the circumstances of the life without flinching and to discern where I am compromising with the joy of being alive. Who or what situation is holding me to ransom as an emotional prisoner?

People repeat negative experiences, particularly in their relationships, because their love is personal. Subsequently they are unable to be honest with themselves or their partner for fear of upsetting or leaving the other. What it amounts to is whether I have suffered enough to know what I am no longer prepared to accept in my relationships. The process of dying for love is a hard and protracted affair. When invoked, the mystery of love comes forward to make whatever changes are necessary in the life to bring a deeper love into the world.