This is a spiritual teaching for anyone who yearns for a greater freedom from the stress and confusion of living in a world without love. It addresses the fundamental issues of discontent and uncertainty of the human condition, as well as the cosmic dimension of reality.

The truth of this teaching is nothing that can be held as a concept or intellectual notion. It operates in the present and begins this moment in the consciousness of anyone receptive to the energy behind the words. It’s not a way of religion or any eastern teaching. There is no saviour to worship, no authority to believe and no place for any kind of psychic embellishment such as mantras, chanting or visualisation.

The truth never changes, but what does change is the way that it can be realised. This is the era of super-technology and the exchange of global information at the touch of a button. Correspondingly, this teaching introduces a fresh perspective on the perennial search for meaning and liberation in existence. All that’s required is to be open and willing to embrace the new.

In love and truth I welcome you all.

Lance Kelly

Book News

My three e-books on the spiritual process are now available through Amazon Kindle. They provide a comprehensive source of self-knowledge for people looking for the truth of life as a practical way of living in the world.

The first book, ‘The Call of the Spirit’, explains what happens when the spirit comes forward to change the life forever, and what can be expected by way of the challenges and obstacles on the journey of self-discovery. In addition, there are chapters covering subjects such as karma and reincarnation.

The second book, ‘Deeper into the Mystery,’ examines some of the most perplexing questions relating to the meaning of life, such as the reality of death and the realm of the unconscious. The reader is taken ever more deeply into their own reality within the being behind the form to discover the truth that was already known – but what the world would say was impossible.

‘The Spiritual Vision’, the third book in the series, is a journey of expansion into the realms of higher mind. No longer bound to the restrictions of the material world, the perception soars to the cosmos to the realm of pure idea in the eternal realm. The spiritual vision reveals, through an individual’s own divine inspiration, the reality of their true spiritual identity.

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