The Teaching

The point of this teaching is to introduce a more direct experience of reality than was previously possible. This is as a consequence of all those who have contributed in the past to a deepening enlightenment of the human race. From an evolutionary perspective, it coincides with the release within the unconscious of an extraordinary new idea poised to revolutionise life on earth.

A fundamental of this teaching is the creative point, the enlightenment centre located in the deepest and most protected part of the brain. Although everyone is in the process of realising this radiant point, it’s mostly obscured by the build-up of past which surrounds the nucleus. This has the effect of obscuring the light, often making people feel that something’s missing from their lives. The point enters existence on a beam or radial line which I call the Stellax, the bridge between the inner and outer realms. Life and consciousness realised through the beam of the Stellax operate beyond the speed of light. This is real time, which is the cause and effect simultaneously. I’ll have much more to say on this subject as this next phase of my teaching unfolds.

The truth is totally subjective and discovered by the individual alone. This is done through increasing stillness and a sense of reverence to this profound inner mystery. As someone gets the idea and begins to perceive the enlightenment point within inner space, the mind automatically slows down while the attention remains consciously alert in the ever-changing moment. The point of the teaching is to become accustomed to this source of cosmic power as a conscious presence. I will be introducing various practical steps to maintain the inner focus until the point becomes sufficiently illuminated.

There’s no value to any teaching without love, for it’s here on the earth that love is needed and not in that other place out of existence where love is perfect and complete. Without love the enlightenment point is a pale flicker of its radiant potential, no matter what depth the inner realisation. The external world is a field of polarising forces and conflict of interests generated through the sexual possession of the human race. The effects of this manifest as greed, wealth-gathering, war and indiscriminate violence, poverty, injustice, electromagnetic pollution, robotic sex slaves, climate change, mental health disorders, drug abuse and the elimination of the genders – all effects of the human condition of unhappiness and the desecration of love in the world. I’ll continue to write posts on the essential nature of love and ways to bring more love into this loveless world.

The point of this teaching begins now this very moment as the acknowledgment to the one good or God that is life everlasting. Everybody has something to be grateful for regardless of the challenges or intensity being faced in the circumstances of life. The basis of this teaching is love of the mystery behind the appearance of the objective world and universe. Unless love becomes a conscious presence through giving up the attachment to the pain of emotional living, it will be difficult to hear what I say.

This teaching is likely to be extremely challenging to anyone still clinging to belief and hope for a better future. I’ve been well prepared for this role with adequate life experience to confront the rationality of the human mind. Inevitably the protestations of the mind will arise to object to what’s being presented and to defend its own position of unhappiness, ignorance and fear. Hope is transcended when the truth of life is discovered.