The Teaching


What is it that makes the search for truth so compelling for someone inspired to discover a deeper meaning to life on earth? It is the overwhelming impulse to unite with the original state of being. Such a man or woman has reached a point whereby their experience of life has shown them that there is nowhere else to go outside of themselves but to turn and face the truth within. For someone else driven to experience the full spectrum of the pain and pleasure of the world, the search for truth can wait.

Because the most profound knowledge of existence is already retained within the depths of the being, to have to be taught the truth from any external agency is fundamentally unnatural. But in these times a teacher of truth is essential at a particular phase of the spiritual process. Why this is so is revealed as the process unfolds. Over the vast tract of evolutionary time since man and woman became self-conscious beings, there has been the gradual separation from the original unity of the One Being. Today, the planet is populated with billions of personal selves, each with a specific agenda opposed to what someone else wants somewhere in the world. The overall result is an enormous collision of opposite forces, each vying to vanquish the other. Sometimes people rise above (in the moment) the demands of their personal self and display remarkable acts of kindness and love for their fellow man and woman. But for the most part, human beings are supremely unreliable in their demonstration of the virtue of life and fluctuate between the highs and lows of emotional living. This up and down way of existing is the living demonstration of the human condition of unhappiness.

Many people inspired to find the truth within themselves have realised aspects of reality out of existence. Some then go on to teach others and are able to speak about the abstract side of existence, often with great clarity, and serve those who gravitate to their orbit with the knowledge of life at an intellectual level of mind. To know the truth is one thing but then to live that as one’s knowledge in the everyday affairs of the modern world is a different thing altogether. For only what is lived is real. The omission in most of the popular teachings of contemporary spiritual teachers is the knowledge of love in existence and its original purpose as a way of life on earth for man and woman. The truth is realised within the body of the individual through inner stillness and devotion to the impersonal point of reality, which is the supreme idea of life. But without the union with love in existence to support the truth out of existence, the realisation of God or reality will be incomplete and the man or woman will not be able to rest in peace for long.

In this teaching I present an inspirational model of existence consonant with this age of super technology. I am permitted to enter the higher realms of mind to impart the gnosis of the times and explain not only the effects of what is happening in the world, such as climate change and A.I., but also the cause behind the appearance of things. People on a similar wave of consciousness are quick to recognise the truth of what is imparted. My teaching focuses equally on the love aspect in existence between the opposite principles of man and woman. Everyone, regardless of what they may say to the contrary, is concerned with love. The movement of the times is towards the elimination of the distinctions between the genders. This is unavoidable and will eventually bring about an asexual society. As part of human evolution it will serve its purpose, but doesn’t alter the original state of love which operates on the perimeter of time as the unchangeable reality of the male and female principles. For anyone inspired to make the ultimate contribution to the people of the earth, the idea is to make love real as a conscious state of being. Without love which is realised through the male and female principles in the flesh, the being will be unable to shine at its full radiant potential. It’s here on earth that love is needed, not in that other place out of existence where all is complete unto itself.

It’s to look and see if what I present as this teaching is real and authentic for the times. If not, then there is no need to stay. But if you do resonate to what I say and are moved to enter this sacred space, then you are welcome. But you must come in love to receive the truth of these times. To come in love is to come in innocence and openness to the new. This teaching utilises spiritual energy which operates now in the present. There is nothing to do or remember except to be vigilant and attentive to what is happening each moment within the body consciousness and in the circumstances surrounding the life. The function of a genuine divine teacher is to raise the consciousness of anyone receptive to what is imparted so that they may realise a deeper level of their own psyche, and so be free of the restrictive emotional way of life. As the man or woman transforms the attachments to the past within their own inner space, they gradually dissolve the need of an external teacher who helped to show the way. What then remains is pure impersonal love which soars to the Most High, and whose domain is symbolised by the firmament of stars and celestial bodies of the cosmos. And no more can be said.