No Hiding Place

June 1, 2019 2 By Lance Kelly

When the spiritual search for truth becomes the principal focus there’s no hiding place for anything that sullies the fulfilment of life. The negative forces of existence hide in the dark underworld of the subconscious and create mischief and misery in their craving for experience in the light of the world.

The negative forces are the aspects of self which make up the emotional body behind the physical form. These psychic entities of past experience such as resentment, hatred and anger pervade inner space and roam mostly undetected, disguised amongst the plethora of fluctuating feelings. But as the system of human awareness adjusts in frequency due to time spent observing the workings of the self, whatever is false is gradually revealed.

Anything that causes inner tension points to a problem area in the external life, either a personal relationship or some other area, perhaps in the workplace. Self-enquiry is the observation of both inner and outer realms which, together, present a crystal clear picture of the life that cannot be misinterpreted. As within, so the life appears without in the mirror of the world. This is extremely important in discerning the nature of self, since the constituent parts mutate and change position with remarkable stealth and cunning. Often it’s difficult to pin exactly what it is that’s causing the inner emotional disturbance; so it’s then to look in the external circumstances. But this takes great honesty and courage.

To dissolve the pain of the past is a momentous task. The transformation process can take decades or even a lifetime. In most people the emotional body is impressed upon the flesh which, to give it a shape, replicates the formal image of the body as seen in the mirror. The emotional body, however, is psychic – which means it’s energetic and therefore not subject to the cause and effect of the material world. The psychic self has a core which consists of the most traumatic and intense experiences of the living process. Each time someone is emotionally agitated, the body of self vibrates off the core disturbance which is registered in the subconscious. The self consists of strata of solidified emotion, constructed not unlike the way some insects build their intricate nests. To survive, the self being a parasitical entity must feed off its host body, which it does through sucking the finest energies from the vital essence of the man or woman.

In the inner process there are two distinct levels of perception. The first is that it is dark with an absence of starlight from the external sun. Within the dark the psychic self is able to manipulate the inner space because this part of the psyche is still an aspect of existence. As someone perseveres in mastering the wandering habits of the mind, the inner stillness penetrates the core of self within the body of emotional pain. This has the effect of breaking down the psychic structures surrounding the core, which accounts for the often tumultuous suffering in the spiritual process.

Eventually, when observing the self has become a total practice in the life, a finer distinction can happen At this point, the perception of the dark is transcended for the direct experience of the black. When the black is perceived there’s no room for the self to hide. This is the energy of death and everlasting life, which is the authentic body of our immortal being. The unhappy body of self – the insidious demon of the underworld – is finally exposed between the incomparable black and the light of the sensory realm. The twilight of the subconscious becomes illuminated with love, the essence of the black unconditioned by the corruption of the mind.