The Myth of U.F.O’s

Unidentified flying objects were first sighted en masse in the 1940’s and were widely reported by pilots on bomber raids during the Second World War. The strange lights that glowed mysteriously around their aircraft were given the name of “foo fighters” by the Americans and were thought initially to be a special weapon developed by the Nazis. Since then UFOs have been witnessed by thousands of people, many of whom are respected for their common sense and practicality, such as policemen, pilots, servicemen and air traffic controllers. Encounters vary from mysterious lights hovering in the sky to menacing alien abductions. The theories of the origin of these UFOs are as imaginative and diverse as any science fiction story. But so far science has yet to come up with a logical explanation of the phenomenon of flying saucers and the perplexing question of extra-terrestrial life.

As earth beings, our perception of life and the universe is determined by the mechanics of the human brain. The brain is programmed with the idea of existence. Encapsulated within the idea of existence is every conceivable earth idea, ensuring that everybody perceives the same thing, such as a tree or the blue sky. Since UFOs are perceived through the human brain, they originate from the earth and the terrestrial psyche; otherwise they would be imperceptible to human cognition. UFOs usually manifest in open and rural areas and not in the built-up cities of the world. This is because their effect on the electrically-charged environment of a major city could short-circuit power supplies and be potentially destructive. Also, human contact with alien life forms inevitably involves the transformation of certain brain cells activated by the presence of cosmic beings. On a mass level this would likely create wide-scale panic and hysteria. 
The secret of UFOs and extra-terrestrials is that they are us from another time. They originate, not from the external universe but from inner space – the reality behind the appearance of the sensory world. This is a realm of pure energy that, due to its proximity to reality, retains the character of the past, present and future simultaneously. With no past of their own, extra-terrestrials must consume the past of the human psyche to maintain a presence in the external world. When the past is used up, contact is broken and, as has been frequently witnessed, they disappear back to the present at incredible speed.
   These space beings are able to exceed light speed and literally catch up with their own past. This instigates a time change, whereby the presence of the visiting extra-terrestrials and their space vehicles is converted from pure energy to a frequency consonant with terrestrial intelligence. Without this reduction of pure energy, physical manifestation and contact with life forms of the earth would be impossible. As a consequence of the conversion, the appearance of UFOs and the space beings is altered; and they appear not as they truly are but through images stored in the brains of those who see them. 

The present or the moment in which everything happens is the key to understanding the mystery of UFOs. The past and the future have no validity in terms of cosmic intelligence; they are effects of an earth-based phenomenon created by sub light-speed human intelligence. Humanity’s perception of reality is held in check by our superficial references to the past, which we assume to have no bearing on our perception of the present. But, with virtually everybody on earth burdened with the stress and demands of modern life, most people fail to appreciate that emotion is time – or, more specifically, the accrual of the past seeking experience in the present. Emotion is the slowest vibration of any intelligence in the universe and is the main impediment in the human condition in the spiritual quest for union with God or reality. Extra-terrestrial intelligences, having no past, are not emotional beings but are incapable of love. Love is of the earth, but due to the extension in time and space, the impulse of the principle of love will be transcended as humanity of the future reduces in materiality, discards its form and merges with the atomic particles of space, contracting and re-appearing in existence at will.  

Each successive civilisation, through the events and circumstances of the times, confronts an aspect of the myth of reality. Early civilisations, such as the Incas and Aztecs, perceived the mystery of existence through the worship and reverence to the Sun. The Greek and Roman civilisations had their heroes, deities and cosmic principles to forge their cultural identities. Extra-terrestrial intelligence performs a cosmic task for the human race by dissolving tracts or bands of human past that have accrued and stagnated in the human psyche. This creates space for the release of original ideas and inspiration to assist the advancement of humankind. After much UFO activity in the 1950’s the human psyche, having been blocked with antiquated concepts and ideology, began to speed up, instigating breakthroughs in science and the cultural shift of consciousness of the “swinging sixties”.

Fittingly, in this age of technological wonders, UFOs continue to confront the present rational scientific consciousness. Although unperceived by the world at large, UFOs are always here and encounters will increase in the future. As a consequence of the speeding up of intelligence, the scientific fraternity will soon be shaken by an astonishing breakthrough that will herald a new era of space exploration. The speed of light will be exceeded and enable science to extend its body of knowledge to the planets and then to the stars. And what of the earth that will be left behind? Is it the greatest tragedy of all time or just another phase of the cosmic cycle of life? At the end of the film “The Planet of the Apes”, the astronaut makes the startling discovery that what he thought was an alien planet was, in fact, the earth in another time. In a similar way, the extra-terrestrials are the humanity of the future that has achieved the ultimate scientific dream of reaching the stars and other galaxies. Before this, the earth will certainly undergo traumatic changes (which are already well underway), resulting in the extinction of most of its life forms. But it is the spiritual idea of the earth within the being that accounts for the beauty and wonder sensed through the external appearance of the natural world. It is tragic that, as a race, we have been unable to be responsible for such a beautiful planet. As another phase of cosmic evolution, life must go on – but not necessarily as we know it. 

Lance Kelly  2012