The Art of Divination

The Art of Divination

imgp2339-001Divination is an art. For some gifted people this manifests as the creative ability to divine a source of water, metal or, in the case of the psychic, the past and future. But at an everyday level everyone practises an aspect of divination when they are enjoying an activity or simply connecting with their joy of life. Every creative action involves divining the source of inspiration, even though this may happen unconsciously. The spiritual impulse behind the formal appearance of the material world is to penetrate the resistance and heavy strata of past that obscures human perception of its sublime origins. The art of divination is the impulse within the individual to unify the subconscious desire for love and creative freedom with the mystery of the unconscious.

Pure perception is the conscious action of divining the good or wellbeing within the body. This is the most important step on which everything else must follow. It’s impossible to divine anything with clarity unless the emotional body is quiescent. Emotional energy distorts the psychic field, which can be extremely distressing for someone on the receiving end of a dire prediction from an emotional clairvoyant or medium. It’s important to relax and keep the mind still and focused within the body. The diviner must be present and alert in the awareness of the senses and receptive to any energetic presence or shift in psychic frequency.

The divine element of anything is its purity. This is the motionless emanation of the truth behind the appearance or form. To inhale the fragrance of a flower so as to truly delight in its beauty is an action of divination. This is the pure perception or unity of both the inner and outer states that communicates its essence through the immediacy of the moment. The same applies to inhaling the transcendent psychic fragrance of the beloved man or woman that revitalises life through the lucidity of love. Being present within and without neutralises any erroneous thought patterns that short circuit intimations from the psychic realm

This principle can be applied to the Tarot or any other divinatory model. However, the difficulty when divining the past or future is overcoming the almost irresistible urge to interpret any emotional feelings as indications of direct psychic communication. When addressing the psychic realm there must be a presence of authority within the diviner to resist the energetic forces or psychic entities that seek to possess the mind and emotions. These energies are primed to invade and influence the subconscious, causing negative feelings and mood swings. Any true revelations from the psyche comes direct from the creative principle itself when the experience is able to be contained.

To continually divine the love or wellbeing that is always within the body prepares the ground for any creative means of self-expression. I often begin a reading by saying that I always look for the good, which to me is the acknowledgment of the divine element in life. Right divination is responsibility for that which is communicated. My perception is attuned to this divine source and enables me to impart aspects of its mystery through the art of divination.

Lance Kelly