Time Waves

July 13, 2019 2 By Lance Kelly

The idea of existence enters the psyche on a wave. A wave is a transmitter of reality, resonating at a particular frequency of time. Waves manifest in four varying densities: brain waves, cultural waves, world waves and cosmic waves. Brain waves are the densest and are energetic pulses of life force oscillating at the frequency of sensory perception. These waves produce the electrical current of the nervous system and support other vital functions of the body.

Cultural waves are released from deeper within the psyche, energetically influencing the changing fashions and cyclic movement of life towards the ideal of excellence. This is the impulse behind the civilising process of humanity. These inspirational surges update clusters of dormant brain cells and introduce a radical shift in creative self-expression. The Renaissance and the Age of Enlightenment emerged on such a wave, as did the cultural revolution of the sixties. The internet and social media are manifestations of recent cultural waves being dispersed through the global application of modern technology. The effects of the latest cultural wave are most evident in a change of attitude on the traditional gender roles through sexual diversity and the movement towards a unisex society.

World waves have an effect not unlike the movement of tectonic plates that cause earthquakes on the surface of the planet. These waves are caused by cracks within the psyche, triggering a release of force that was previously inactive. Aids and H.I.V. manifested on such a world wave due to the aberration of love and the unconscious force of sexual deviancy that peaked in the decade of the eighties; the terrorist attack on the twin towers in New York triggered a world wave of paranoia leading to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan; the global financial crises emerged on a world wave during the first decade of the new millennium, which heralded a period of economic uncertainty and a mass psychosis that continues today. The current world wave is externalising as climate change and other global variations to the environment, magnifying the overall uncertainty registered by many people at this time.

The most potent wave is indiscernible to the human mind. This is the cosmic wave which, having no tangible attributes, can only be described as ‘nothing’. But inherent in this absence of experience is a cosmic element which is the power of the spirit in matter – negation. The cosmic wave has two distinct functions which influence and shape all things in existence. The universal aspect is the evolutionary movement of the planetary consciousness towards the enlightenment of humanity. Although physically evolved as a magnificent vehicle for sensory perception, the intelligence of the race at present operates well below its full potential as beings of cosmic consciousness.

The individual aspect of the cosmic wave guides and influences the man and woman towards the realisation of their authentic spiritual being. This is the pristine eternal idea within each of us, preserved energetically as the virtue and undergoing in time over innumerable life recurrences on earth. It’s this extra-terrestrial reality which, over time, pulls the intelligence back to the source of its conception and negates the need to exist. The struggle and hardship encountered in the living process, both externally and inwardly, is the pressure of the spirit which relentlessly penetrates the resistance in matter. The potential of human evolution is for I, the individual consciousness within each living body, to participate as a wave carrier of this mighty cosmic principle of intelligence.