The Internet and The World Wide Web

The Internet introduced the means for the first global system of communication accessible to the majority of the world’s population. Within this system, the World Wide Web provides immediate access to virtually anything that can be thought or imagined. This is an unprecedented step in human evolution.

The Internet represents the externalising of the mind as a rational system of acquired knowledge. Like the mind, the Internet is always moving with billions of people perpetually online. Websites (like this one) provide a diverse array of services and functions that have revolutionised business, entertainment and social interaction. However, the accessibility to such a vast database of information has its downside: the internet has no body.  Just like the human mind, which rarely pauses to acknowledge the source of its inner reality, the internet as a whole is chaotic. With no individual or governing body to regulate its sites or content, whatever good is achieved as a contribution to the virtue and harmony of life is quickly overwhelmed by the flood of mass ignorance generated by the force of the world.  

As the majority of the world’s population becomes connected through the internet there will be a gradual switchover to a new generation of super computers; these computers will be genetically engineered and programmed to think and make decisions. A grid, similar to the Internet but governed by a single storage system or master computer, will be established to enable information and data to be assimilated worldwide, far more swiftly than is possible at present. The source of the master computer will be a genetically engineered organic brain developed to replicate the functions of the human brain. It will be heralded as a major breakthrough for world peace and utilised to anticipate climate changes, as well as to maintain productivity of vital energy resources. This will be necessary due to the depletion of fossil fuels and the worsening effect of global warming.

A biological chip implant will enable people to have direct access to vast tracts of memory stored within the grid; this will revolutionise the education system and become a compulsory aid for children in school and other areas of higher knowledge. As well as advances in the medical profession, the armed forces will introduce drone soldiers linked to the grid that will be deployed to trouble spots around the world. The entertainment industry will be revolutionised through the interaction of performers and their fans. It will be possible to reproduce the full spectrum of human feelings and a virtual living experience through advanced artificial stimulation.

Today we all utilise the miracles of the modern age – the technological wizardry that is able to connect the people of the world. Every moment data and information circulates the planet at an ever greater rate of electrical intensity. But what happens to this invisible discharge of force or pulse of reactivated energy? It must have an effect; although it may appear indiscernible to most people. Never before has humanity been as unified as a global society. It is unique in western civilisation. Yet the implications and potential for catastrophe and tragedy on a worldwide scale remains unperceived. A disease is spread by bacteria or germs that are able to infect the body and undermine the efficiency of the organism. The contagion that is infecting the global organism, represented by the six billion people in the world, is electromagnetic pollution. It is literally sapping the virtue from the earth through restricting the natural restorative power inherent within all living things.

Each cell within the body responds as a consequence of the need of another cell while each in turn contributes to the well-being of the whole. As the population of the world becomes unified through modern technology, each person or cell will become increasingly vulnerable to the emotional condition of those to whom they are connected. An eruption of violence or tragedy in a certain region will be acutely registered by the many, as though part of the same living organism. It will be similar to a heart attack or stroke that paralyses a side of the body. The electrical field that encircles the globe provides a web of negative force to agitate the emotional ambience of the masses. With the majority of the world’s population connected to each providing the positive force or electrical charge the final transfer of emotionality will trigger the end of the world. It remains to be seen what will eventually stir the emotional sleeping giant. No doubt the Internet will keep us posted.

Lance Kelly 2012