Entering the Solar Plexus

July 6, 2019 2 By Lance Kelly

The human body is profound beyond the comprehension of the mind. Medical doctors operate on the physical side of existence whereas the inner observer looks through the feelings of experience for the truth behind the form. The psychic centres within the body (sometimes referred to as the ‘chakras’) function as a totality of being. The psychic centre which is the portal to the cosmic levels of mind is the solar plexus; this small but highly sensitive region beneath the breastplate is the doorway to reality. To cross this threshold is to unite with the mystery of life and the secret of death. Love enters existence through the solar plexus and is the place where attraction to the beauty of other forms of life is first registered.

The idea of entering the body in meditation is to make conscious the interior world of the psyche. This speeds up the frontal intelligence, which functions at a reduced level when identified with the movement and objects in the material world. The entry into the solar plexus is helped considerably by attending to any problem areas in the circumstantial outer life that would cause an emotional disturbance in the body. Then it’s possible to put the focus of attention on the solar plexus for longer periods without thought or distraction.

The breakthrough happens when a pulse is registered which is not unlike the heartbeat, only this originates from deep inner space. However there is usually no discernible sensation until entering the body in stillness and humility becomes a regular practice in the life. This is because it’s the part of the body which is nothing that can be described or defined, and yet this apparent absence of feeling is a highly energised soul centre. The difficulty is that the emotions gathered around the chest, together with discursive energies arising from the stomach region, tend to smear the aperture of the plexus centre.

When the frontal intelligence approximates the state of consciousness, the separation between inner and outer realms unites. Immediately, the perception passes through the solar plexus (often experienced as an accelerating at tremendous speed) into the pristine blackness of timeless inner space. This is intuited to be something beyond the normal boundaries of human experience, and is an introduction to reality which inspires the individual to travel onwards into the solar level of mind. The external solar system parallels with remarkable precision the journey of the soul towards cosmic consciousness. However, uninterrupted access into the planetary space through the solar plexus is only possible after having faced and crossed the threshold of the first cosmic body nearest the earth – the moon.

The space between the earth and moon symbolises the subconscious realm, which represents everything that can be known and described by the human mind. As formless life enters existence on the time waves of terrestrial mind, the impersonal subconscious is superimposed with the lunar essence, without which life as sensual existence could not have evolved. The orbit of the moon creates a transcendent ring of celestial consciousness which surrounds the earth as the principle of nature. The lunar plasma engenders a quickening of the vital life force, which breaks down the original matter of the earth into the sap and flow necessary for organic life to flourish. The purpose at this evolutionary phase of life is to exceed the orbit of the moon, not externally in a spacecraft, but inwardly so as to neutralise the gravitational pull for recurrence in the world.

The pull of the spirit is not unlike the medium of gravity, which draws all things back to the source of original power. As cosmic beings, we came out of the solar plexus into the body consciousness and, similarly, would return the same way at death; but this is rare in these materialistic times. The more common exit at the termination of the physical body is through the cranium, which necessitates a further process of purification. Beyond the moon the quality of inner space, having been divested of past, is infused with the consciousness of the other planets, which creates a spiritual line of power to the nucleus of the sun. In passing through the solar plexus, and then through the solar principle of the Sun, the being is finally united with its alter ego at journey’s end – or the end for now of a particular phase of mind.