The Reality of Love

June 27, 2020 0 By Lance Kelly

It’s impossible to teach another of love. This is because love is a reality in every man and woman within the depths of the being. As someone becomes more attuned to the pure idea of love, there’s a growing recognition of the innocence and simplicity in the body. It’s then possible to perceive in the beloved, or in nature, the reflection in form of the formless love that sustains the living life. When the reality of love is invoked and becomes the passion of living, all that eventually remains is a body purified of the corruption in matter.

Love that is real is an impersonal power that dismantles all concepts of love – which are interpretations of the supreme idea itself. The difficulty is that our bodies have become insulated by the compacted layers of human experience, represented through the ages of immemorial past. The task of love in these times is to journey back through the attachment to sexual excitement and emotional pain to re-unite with the formless divinity behind the body. When someone has suffered enough from the hurts and disappointments of the past, they are in the spiritual process of unlearning just about everything concerning love in existence. But the personal demands and commitment required to serve the reality of love, often over many years, makes this rare indeed. Nevertheless, everyone alive contributes in some way to the rectification of the ignorance of love’s purpose through being born and living out their ordinary lives.

To be made real, love begins with honesty. But it’s not possible to be honest while attached to anyone and where sentimentality distorts the straightness of communication. People often assume that honesty is to offload their emotional baggage onto another, especially those they profess to love; this is an avoidance of responsibility for any unresolved pain from the past. In any relationship, honesty begins with the earnest endeavour to keep out negative emotions and stick to the facts of a situation. However nothing is more confrontational, and yet spiritually productive, than being in a love partnership. This is because the power of attraction that brought two people together contains energetically the necessary events and circumstances to bring both to a deeper realisation of love. The often extreme challenges and difficulties encountered are love’s way of making each more conscious of the purpose of being together – and this means being alert for the first sign of negativity that tries to sully the space between them.

Love is not a static affair but a state of supreme creativity and passion which, unless made real in the flesh, atrophies to a shadow of its radiant potential. At times in making physical love, even people who are not spiritually inclined to make love more conscious can touch upon an exalted place of accentuated pleasure and divine wonder. This is the tantric power of union between the male and female principles. It happens to awaken the idea of pure sensuality, which is the inherent power of love within everybody on earth. Perhaps the most extraordinary realisation in this state is that love itself is making the love, the sensory bodies of man or woman simply being the means through which love is made more conscious on earth.

When love enters the lives of partners at a depth where both recognise the extraordinary privilege of being together, the challenges can be so great as to test the partnership to the hilt. At these times it can seem that the only thread holding things together is the knowledge of love’s purpose; and most importantly that both partners, despite moments of great emotional intensity, are doing their upmost to serve love. In this way they each represent the divine spiritual principles of love and truth, which combine under enormous forces of existence to establish an equilibrium where life as a totality is served. And when one partner wavers temporarily under the pressure, the virtue of love shines through in the reflection of the other to re-connect them with the reality of love within their own being.

The epic struggle of love is romance; this is the essence of love made real as all that has been faced and undergone in the living life when it seemed impossible to go on. There can be many joyous times on the way and lengthening periods of harmony and rightness. But it’s in being willing to withstand the fire of love’s purification that ensures the love will endure, and negates the need to suffer when the time comes to go on into death and the greater mystery of life.

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