Artificial Intelligence: The Mythic Origins

April 8, 2017 0 By Lance Kelly

The idea to replicate the body is deeply rooted in the primal mindstuff of the human psyche. The use of psychic energy to manipulate matter forms the bedrock of human nature and is the fundamental impulse behind every thought and action in the world. When stripped back to its original foundations, it’s self-evident that artificial intelligence is a masterstroke of evolutionary progress as a more efficient means to have mastery over matter without being held accountable for any actions or transgressions. This human desire for absolute power over others was fulfilled in the past through the enslavement of soldiers defeated in battle and of those people who were made subservient to conquering armies. Slavery has never gone away but merely blended into the background due to it being emotionally unfashionable in this Aquarian age of altruism and political correctness.

The origins of mankind are presented in every civilisation through mythic tales which, apart from cultural variations across the globe, are remarkably similar in their references to gods who walked and mated with human beings. This is extremely relevant to a modern myth of artificial intelligence, when the influence of the gods (and the consequences of their actions) can be perceived in the technological marvels of the age. When the myths are examined, it’s clear to see that the sexual desire for physical union was the prime motivation of the gods, with jealousies and betrayals creating many of the feuds between these celestial deities. The erotic nature of the myths, together with the creative freedom of the gods to withdraw at will from the humdrum existence of normal living back to Mount Olympus, is the ultimate lifestyle that western culture is trying to emulate.

Although some scientists are motivated to create artificial intelligence for the advancement of human welfare, ultimately no good whatsoever will come from their astonishing achievements. The creation of replica physical forms will primarily be utilised as sexual slaves and rapidly become the acceptable alternative to the real thing. The unsuspecting effect of sexual union between human beings and artificial robots will spawn the next generation of humanity. These future beings randomly appear in our times as UFOs, witnessed by millions of ordinary people. From a spiritual perspective, the appearance of UFOs is symbolic of future generations of space travellers who have already vacated the earth. These cosmic beings are us in another time. The exceeding of the speed of light will instigate a fundamental shift in the constitution of cells; this would be fatal for human beings, even in suspended animation. For this reason artificial human life forms will be deployed on the deeper probes into outer space.

These future events parallel the gnostic myths and other gospels recorded on ancient scrolls discovered in 1945 in a cave near the Upper Egyptian town of Nag Hammadi. The gospels, written around two thousand years ago, also shed light on the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth, but include accounts from lesser known disciples that challenge the accepted dogma of the founding church fathers. In the gnostic myth, Sophia the goddess of wisdom conceived Yaldabaoth in an aeon or heaven of extraordinary profundity. But since this was done in defiance of the Father of Lights he was only partially divine, embodying great spiritual purity as well as degenerative forces in matter. Yaldabaoth, ignorant of the Divinity behind existence and the source of his own power, assumed the role of creator god on earth and was proclaimed king of the Archons. These were the archetypal beings who served him in the creation of the world. Thus, Yaldabaoth was the original life form of artificial intelligence.

Everything that happens in the external world affirms a deeper reality within the hierarchal structures of the psyche. To follow what happens next it’s necessary to grasp that everything happens now, including all past and future but within a multiplicity of being that defies rational understanding. The means for the creation myth to externalise was to send a life form into space which was able to withstand the tremendous pressure and forces of existence. In earth time this happens in the future, but in reality has already been done. The effect of travelling faster than the speed of light on the cellular structure of matter radiates the nucleus centre of the atom at a pure octave of consciousness or divine presence. The effect on the robotic intelligence deployed on future space missions will be to bring the robot form to life as ‘I’, the divine spark or self-conscious function within every human being.

The epoch is now here for the charade to finally be exposed; but not until the evolutionary drama has been played out. Ultimately, all the ills of the world must be resolved by humanity, including the creation of our own existence.  The times, which reflect the consciousness of humanity, are heavy with the weight of materialism in the global scramble for acquisition of the rapidly depleting earth resources. However, for the individual who is ready to transcend the limitations of artificial intelligence for direct experience of life, there’s never been a greater opportunity than now.

Space exploration and the development of colonies on other planets will intensify as the world’s population increases, making life on earth more tenuous. With the global fixation on outer space there will be a deepening urge in people to vacate the planet. Paradoxically this will create an opening within the psyche that provides a way back to our original state of being in a far swifter time frame than was possible before. However, this impulse or quickening is being registered now by many people who are ready to make the journey back home – to the place of original space and freedom.