Beyond Limits

March 6, 2021 2 By Lance Kelly

To realise God, and then to live that extraordinary state of enlightenment in the world, is a task beyond the limits of most of the human race. It’s not God imposing limits but humanity’s reverence for the mind and intellectual adherence to its rational perception of life. Rational thought provides the basis for understanding the material world and practicality of living. The limitation is that the mind is unable to process reality as direct knowledge. As a consequence, the mind is forever one step behind the immediacy of the optimum point of now, and reliant on time as past to assimilate what it knows into something approximating a reasonable working model of the world.

Our reality consists of two hemispheres: the objective sensory world and the abstract realm of existence. The human mind is limited in its range of intelligence to focus on a particular aspect of existence at any time and not the totality of both inner and outer kingdoms. Reality is realised as the whole of the manifested world, together with the abstract realm of existence simultaneously. This is made possible through the enlightenment point, the most evolved centre of our spiritual system. The enlightenment point is located in the most protected part of the brain and replicated in each earth brain, the illumination of which determines an individual’s perception of the present. The brighter or more enlightened the spiritual point, the more the appreciation of life through the clarity of the intellect which magnifies the beauty and significance of life. The dimmer the light, the more the need for that person to be continually active to fill in the space of the absence of experience. Such people become easily bored and need the energy engendered through the fluctuation of emotional feelings to substantiate their existence.

Since we live in an emotionally driven society it’s rare for someone to go beyond the limits of emotion to discover the truth of life. What makes this beyond the reach of most people is their attachment to an emotional way of living. People are raised to believe that emotions such as anger, hatred and jealousy are worth defending and holding onto, such is the way of ignorance devised by humanity. These emotions indeed must be resolved in the living experience by being made responsible for whatever’s been apportioned to each of us at birth through the great integrity of life. Living is a process whereby each moment (and in particular, the events and circumstances which irreversibly change the consciousness) contributes to the erosion of past ignorance. The turning point is when the futility of living in a world where everybody dies has eroded the hope of the person while still holding to a sense of higher purpose as the virtue of life.

Nowhere else is the challenge of life so raw and provocative to the security of the emotional self’s survival than in the realm of personal relationships. To go beyond the limits of personal love to the rarefied space of impersonal love is the greatest challenge of all. This is because love is the original state of being on earth. It’s never left us; it’s the human race that’s mostly turned its back on love. The way of love is such that the life of an individual changes as the direct response to having suffered enough in the endeavour to love in the past. However, someone who then goes on to experience the same heartache and disappointments, or cuts off from physical union altogether, remains oblivious to the knowledge and purpose of love. Love is not a feeling but a divine state of being, which is the impersonal aspect of God in existence.

The key to limitless truth and the realisation of love is self-knowledge. Spiritual growth is a misnomer because there’s nothing to evolve or develop in matters of reality. Spiritual energy is negation, which reduces the gap of time between past and present to its pristine simplicity and originality. As the past is shed, the point of enlightenment reaches its optimum luminosity and the swiftness of intelligence merges with the perception of the spiritual vision of life without formality. To be as nothing but a body in sense is the supreme point of existence and the ultimate self-knowledge. The task is then to bring this exalted truth into existence through all the rigours and pressure of an affronted world steeped in its own ideology based on religious belief and scientific propaganda. Beyond limits is the next phase of life for those having purified the psychic aberration of the western mind.