Closer to God

July 6, 2020 2 By Lance Kelly

There’s no mistaking the incredible impact at the moment when God is realised. Watching without thought in those moments preceding and during the washing away of the final residue of existence, nothing remains except the original point of reality. It’s because we are profound, far beyond the range of the human mind’s memorable impressions of the life’s experience, that each of us has the potential to realise the highest truth.

From birth, the dominant focus of mind is on the movement in the external world with no perception of the innate wellbeing within the body. This creates an imbalanced perspective of life on earth and strengthens the attachment to the physical form. Consequently, an individual is then motivated to discover something of permanence in the objective universe to compensate for what’s sensed to be missing deep within the subconscious. The effect of this is a world in perpetual conflict through the collision of force generated by the billions of human beings, each with a specific agenda that opposes the wants or desires of someone else. With the pressure to survive in such a competitive and harsh living environment, how then to approach the truth so as get closer to God?

The fundamental obstacle in the spiritual life for any seeker of higher knowledge is the wayward independence of the human mind. Such is the aberrant hold of the mind over humanity that few ever succeed in mastering its wandering habits and persuasive enticements to keep on dreaming in existence. To get closer to God, the man or woman must have begun to question the absurdity of living to die and the overall insanity of the progressive world. Great uncertainty and inner turmoil precede the climacteric point when the life changes and the search for something more real becomes an all-consuming passion. From then on, the individual becomes more conscious of their actions with a deeper scrutiny of personal relationships. What is now happening is a shedding of the past as opposed to the gathering of experience as an active pursuit. Since it’s impossible to serve two masters, the false god of the world (represented by the progressive drive of humanity) must be surrendered as identification with the continuity of existence.

In a much quoted verse from the bible it’s said that man is made in the image of God. An image is not the thing itself but a reflection, such as the body in the bathroom mirror. Many assume that God looks like us since we’re made in the image of the Almighty. This is a theme which has been projected upon the human psyche, bolstered through innumerable artistic works depicting God as an old man in the sky looking down upon the creation. So what is the image of God in sensory existence? It is space: man and woman are made in space, which is synonymous with mind.

Implicit in the purity of space is the sublime presence of the Lord. This doesn’t refer to any religious deity although the Lord can appear, for example, as a psychic image of Jesus Christ, Buddha or Krishna as a way to convey the indefinable spiritual essence behind the form. The truth is that the Lord is nothing as the purified space of the Void. The Lord functions as a guardian to the higher levels of mind. In the surrender of attachment to the need to exist, I the individual pass through the Lord to be as close to God as is possible while embodied on the earth.