September 11, 2018 2 By Lance Kelly

The truth of life is an apparent contradiction, but it’s only a contradiction to the mind. This is because the mind can only process a particular segment of life and not the whole.

The compromise of the mind is to interpret the unity of the pristine idea of existence into slithers of memorable knowledge. The mind, being an instrument of time, can only affirm what it knows from the past or formulate a synthesis of knowledge in the present to make assessments for the future. The truth of life cannot be remembered so no mind, no matter how smart, is up to the task of realising the truth as a totality of being.

There’s no ‘out there’ in the objective universe as an enduring reality. But to anyone with a brain the world certainly exists as an ‘actuality’, which means relative to all things in existence. And yet the brain is also a sensory projection of reality. How then can we be sure of anything in terms of truth in this fleeting experience of being in a sensory body?

We can’t be sure of anything except for two universal truths – everybody dies and everyone, without exception, suffers as a consequence of being born. The attachment to the experience of pleasure and pain fixes the mind and emotional body to the continuum of time as the impulse to repeat what happened yesterday, last year or the last moment. Paradoxically, this is how reality is able to be perceived in the ignorance of living in this strange alien world.

The truth can only be perceived through the false. That’s the contradiction which, until fully grasped, will always drive the person in the wrong direction further out into the screen of the world. However, life in its wisdom knows that when an individual has suffered enough, the impulse is to consciously return to the Source, back through the condition of unhappiness to unite with the immortal state of Being.

Through not holding on to the last thought or action, existence is reduced to the moment. Then there are intimations of the true body, which is formless and has no shape – and no brain! This is life before it enters the brain, or whatever it is that makes sense of this existence. But it’s not possible to impart the knowledge from the other side of sense perception to those still identified with the forms on the objective side of the mind. It’s just too contradictory for words.