March 16, 2020 3 By Lance Kelly

This is the second article I’ve written in response to the concerns of people as the coronavirus continues to impact on the world. The first thing to know is that everything that happens on earth is perfect unto itself. This means from a universal perspective even the destructive intensity of war, natural disasters and terminal illness serve the evolutionary purpose of humanity, which is to exceed the time gradient of sensory existence. But this takes an incredibly swift perception which no mind can process. And yet the idea can be grasped by the pure intelligence within us all that knows without knowing or having to reflect on the past.

Coronavirus is an effect of the virus of discontent that has infected the body of humanity. This current world wave is merely a prelude to the appalling consequences of the abdication of being responsible for life and love on earth. It’s typical of the robot mentality in its self-serving ignorance to stockpile food and supplies in preparation for the anticipated depravation of basic resources. Top of the list apparently is toilet paper – symbolic of the wiping up of the excrement of the world that’s been left behind by the hopeless human race.

It’s the way of things that I in each body create my world every moment as a projection in time and space of what I am in a more real place behind the form. How I perceive the world is as it appears. The whole creative process arises from consciousness as a reproduction in sense of life on earth. What makes us different from each other is the effect of existence at the level of emotional and psychological pressure. For someone attached to the physical world with no perception of the inner reality, the prospect of any threat to their material security is appalling. For another who has been made more real through turning inwards towards the truth of life behind the form, the response to a pandemic or similar situation will be less emotional and they will be able to detach more readily from the distortion of the mind. The pandemic of coronavirus is a fact, but when broadcast by the irresponsible and damaging sensationalism of the media it invokes in many people a multiplicity of feelings, ranging from indifference to hysteria.

Despite the threat of coronavirus, it’s the consequences of the disruption to the normal routine and way of life that is having the greatest impact on the world psyche. For man, his normal projective drive into the world which manifests as his independence has been derailed. One of his greatest pleasures, his precious sporting fixtures, has been postponed. The usual perks of travelling on business, such as the brothels and prostitutes he frequents, have been suspended. Horror of horrors, he’s being compelled to spend more time with his wife and family. I suspect things will end badly – but a boon for the divorce lawyers. Woman, as usual, bears the brunt of the burdens of the world. She rallies to the support of her children and loved ones and, being closer to the land of love, registers the reciprocal response from the mass psychosis of humanity but lives as best she can through another wave of uncertainty in the world.

Self quarantine, the advice by the authorities, can be put to good effect by someone looking to make a real contribution to the plight of their fellow man and woman. Instead of going out go ‘in’, which is to enter the body in stillness and humility. Connect with the wellbeing in the body and abandon all thought, especially to avoid imagining potential consequences and scenarios that could happen in the world. It’s to become more acquainted with the other side of existence in the surrender to wanting to know or understand. Nobody has ever worked out anything real because everybody dies. What’s the use of Einstein’s theory or a mountain of mindful information when the body cannot go on and someone is looking into the vortex of death? The panic of the world is the fear of the world and the prospect of death. It’s tragic how human beings live and even how they die. How can you die beautifully if you haven’t lived joyously in your time on earth? It’s a travesty which, thank God, has purpose beyond the appearance of things – which is to discover the truth of death while alive.

Face the awful truth without flinching and you’ll eventually be amazed. In a flash or moment of supreme clarity, life reveals its best kept secret: there is no death, for only the body dies while life goes on. Living can be hard, cruel and beset with challenges which must be undergone as best as can be. It’s not to take anything out of context and believe the propaganda and hype of the world. The truth is that life is forever, and living only a temporary projection of something far more enduring within the depths of our eternal being.