June 15, 2019 1 By Lance Kelly

Evolution theory, with its detailed analysis of the fossilised remains of our ancestral animal lineage, appears indisputable – but only from an existential viewpoint. This, together with the identification with the progression of time, provides a convincing rational model of the way things evolved. The extraordinary truth is that the evolution of life on earth is merely an effect in sense of a far more causal reality.

From an evolutionary perspective, the single causal event which gave rise to the whole system of evolving human intelligence is an extension of a point of pure abstract intelligence. This is the original moment of eternity that has externalised from deep within the unconscious. The most common name of the point is ‘I’, the knower inside the mind of everyone on earth. It’s the same point of intelligence that withdraws every night when we go to sleep and reappears when we wake up. In truth, the whole of existence including the planets and stars is instantly created anew every moment and not in the past.

To grasp the idea of the amazing creative process, we must first appreciate that there are two sides to existence. It’s true that from our normal sensory perception, the trail of life since the first microbe can be measured, quantified and given an historical reference point in elapsed time. But from the other side of existence where all is majestically still (which is the timeless aspect of our being), nothing has changed since the first instant of the manifestation of reality in the mind. To be identified exclusively with the physical appearance of objects is to be in ignorance of the stationary side of existence.

From the normal perspective of life on earth, everything is completely one-sided with the body of scientific knowledge (the acme of human intelligence) exclusively focused on external phenomena and deductive reasoning. The most glaring demonstration of this is the big bang theory. It was not four billion years ago that the universe exploded into existence; this is a completely rational interpretation limited to elapsed time. What has changed and is evolving is human intelligence, which continually adds pieces to the never-completed picture of the objective universe and significance of life. As intelligence delves more deeply into the exploration of matter, so correspondingly more of the supernal idea of existence is revealed. The effect of this is that as knowledge of the outer world increases, space appears to expand proportionately.

With virtually no knowledge of the inner realm whence the idea of existence originates, little wonder that science has no real solutions to the pressing issues of the times. Religion, the antithesis of the scientific approach, is similarly flawed in dismissing the actuality of evolution theory for a supernatural beginning of the creation of life on earth. The conflicting views of science and religion would be nearer the truth if both were integrated as a unified body of knowledge. But in adopting a position of mind, each opposed to the other’s point of view, they are stuck in an impasse representing humanity’s dual nature.

To connect with formless life and the cosmic idea of the earth as a complete spiritual point reveals the simplicity of this profound system of intelligence operating within each of us. The original error was the conceptualising of the pure idea of life on earth that emerged in the form of human nature which, over time, became attached to the animal body and the fear of its eventual demise. This created a division between inner and outer, and ‘I’ within the body could no longer perceive my formless reality whence I came.

To the sensory perception, the spiritual domain of inner space appears as nothing. This is true until the observations of the external universe are matched with a comparable degree of self-knowledge. Until then, the mind will be trapped by default in the materialism of existence – and inevitably create more progression into time and endless speculation about the conundrum of this divisive world.