What can I expect from a Tarot reading?
To begin with I look into the present circumstances surrounding the individual and the influences of the past still affecting the life. I’m then able to give insights into the future, especially anything that would enhance the quality of life.

What if I have a specific question?
Most people want to hear what I have to say at the start of a consultation and then, if they wish, ask their questions. However, if you come with a particular question I’ll be able to focus the reading on this area of your life.

I’ve been told I shouldn’t say anything during the reading. Is this right?
It’s not necessary to say anything, but in my experience the most beneficial type of reading involves an interaction with the client. Naturally people want to be reassured that I know what I’m talking about before they feel comfortable enough to speak openly about their lives.
My readings are informal and I generally find people relax soon after the reading begins. So my advice is to speak whenever you like or just listen to what I have to say.

Are you psychic, clairvoyant or do voices speak through you?
When I’m reading the tarot and divining the past or future I function as the psychic aspect of my being. This enables me to discern psychic knowledge that is relevant to a reading. I’m responsible for what I say and no voice speaks through me, although I frequently touch upon the mystery and reality of death when the subject arises.

Do you mention ‘bad things’ in a reading?
People often associate ‘bad things’ with change of any kind and are emotionally primed for the worst. I’ve found in my experience of many thousands of readings that it’s possible to be direct and honest without burdening someone with a dire prediction of misfortune. (I’ve lost count of the number of times people have come to me deeply troubled by what some psychic has told them).

When I’m speaking to someone in a consultation I’m immediately aware of anything that might disturb them unnecessarily. All that I say in a reading is supported by a profound self-knowledge and deep love of life’s mystery. From this place I’m able to impart what is meaningful and right for that person, even matters previously perceived as  ‘bad’, which can then be seen in a context in harmony with their life as a whole.

How often should I come for a reading?
There are no time restrictions. Many of my clients come every six months or once a year. However, if you’re going through a difficult period I suggest you come as often as you need.

Lance Kelly