Harnessing the Power Within

August 28, 2021 2 By Lance Kelly

To exist in a body is an enormous energy drain and requires great presence of mind to offset the forces of existence. The world’s way of dealing with the stresses of living is to provide a palliative to ease the pain with alcohol, drugs, and endless entertainment; this it does in abundance.

For someone earnest in pursuing a more purposeful way of life, the need to contain energy leakages is paramount. Certain adjustments to the lifestyle may occur automatically. Activities once eagerly pursued fail to give the same satisfaction as before, and less time is given to socialising or being with family and friends from feelings of duty or obligation. The energy previously used in this way is then contained, providing more power and clarity to deal with problem areas in the external world. A typical example of energy leakage is to continue in a relationship or situation that no longer has any virtue and is subconsciously known to be detrimental to the wellbeing of both parties. As the life is tidied up, such as getting things straight with loved ones and other relationships, a new sense of freedom is known.

Another effective way to contain energy leakage is to refuse to talk about the past unless it’s necessary to refer to something practical in the world. This interrupts the trivial conversations that often occur when interacting with others. Talking about the past becomes both mentally and physically exhausting to someone who has begun to withdraw from the superficiality of normal living. Once the attachment is broken, the regime can be relaxed because the containment of energy has become an integrated part of the life. It is advisable, however, to explain to friends, work colleagues and family that you prefer not to talk about the past because you’re endeavouring to be more conscious in your life. As long as there’s no intention to change the lives of others, most people will accept this as something that you’re involved in that doesn’t affect them.

The home is another area of potential energy leakage. The space in our home is an external mirror of the inner realm. It’s symbolic of the harmony or disorder of the mind and the way we function in the world. Many homes are cluttered with unnecessary trinkets which signify a condition of mind that’s become habitually dependent on the past to substantiate the present. Possessions that form part of the background scenery can create barriers within the psychic structure of the property. This gives the place a tired energy and people often feel exhausted after visiting, perhaps not quite knowing why. It’s always cathartic to have a house clearance so as to introduce a fresh perspective on the immediate environment. This can often induce a rejuvenating source of energy and a sense of inner clarity.

Perhaps the most common form of energy leakage in the modern era is dependence on the ubiquitous computer screen. The electrical current which powers the computer, or any similar device, depletes the wellbeing in the body. Mental exhaustion and the inability to relax can often follow after too much exposure in front of the television set or any other electrical monitor. The electronic field now surrounding  the earth is already having far-reaching effects on the mental health and wellbeing of the human race, with symptoms including anxiety, depression, fatigue, hyperactivity and, most important of all, having less time or inclination for love.

Everyone has the potential to unite with their own spiritual being; but it’s to identify the greatest leakage of energy to attend to first, and this can vary in everyone’s life. However, the most persistent drain on energy is through thinking and worrying. Aimless thought, daydreaming and imagination are energy leakages now on an endemic scale – and there’s no escaping the effort needed to master the mind to neutralise the energy wastage of unnecessary thinking. But it’s imperative to understand the thinking mechanism and how, when left to its own devices, it becomes the greatest impediment to spiritual liberation.

Excerpt from e-book: ‘The Call of the Spirit’.