Letting Go

July 24, 2018 3 By Lance Kelly

People are often advised to ‘just let go’ of any emotional pain or anxiety as though it’s something that can be done without first confronting the source of negativity. If it were a case of simply letting go, then everyone would be free and able to detach at will from the demands of self. It’s the emotional pain of the past that refuses to let go.

The past is an effect of intelligence operating below the speed of light. Unless the substance of the past is continually let go in the moment through being present in the senses, the flow of life becomes impeded and creates emotional blockages in the psyche. The past obviously has no place in the present. This substantive energy needs to be continually eliminated through being conscious in the body; otherwise the emotional content hardens as attached matter to the flesh.

The flesh is not the sensory appearance of the body but the inner sensation which resonates to the frequency of love. Love is the swiftest intelligence which is beyond the speed of light and enters existence as the speed of now. What happens in most people is that love degenerates to emotion, which is the slowest frequency of intelligence that’s possible for life to exist. Love is not an emotion since all emotion is an effect of the past.

The past is kept emotionally alive through ruminating on the events and circumstances of yesterday or the last moment. This creates a dull vibration of self, often registered as a dark and depressive shadow. The impulse is then to find something to elevate the negative feelings through some form of stimulation. Sexual excitement, thinking about good times in the past or projecting numerous possible scenarios in the future all speed up the dull vibration to a faster rate. Although this temporally lifts the cloud of depression, once the excitement peaks, the person plunges back to a low and the cycle repeats itself.

There’s no chance of letting go when the emotional force of self is rampant. Once activated in the mind and compounded by the thinking process, the energy must complete its cycle. The best that can be done in these times is to contain the inner pressure and the impulse to react. The challenges of life must come, but increasing stillness and sensitivity to the inner state creates a spiritual centre of purified space.

The key to it all is that whatever I the individual acknowledge then returns as the circumstances and quality of the life. To effectively let go of the past as any emotional suffering is to practise letting go in the good times, not the bad. Acknowledge pain and it returns, only magnified with the psychic force of other unresolved emotions in the body. Acknowledge with gratitude any good in the life, such as being able to perceive the wonder of the sensory world, and something is retained as consciousness which is accessible at any time. This is the spiritual essence of the being, which transforms the past into the presence of love.