What’s Love Got To Do With It?

Making love produces the most pleasurable and beautiful sensations that are possible in existence. It had never occurred to me before I was taught the truth of love by Barry Long, an original tantric master, that this pleasure and beauty in physical lovemaking was literally the making of love or God – since the energetic union of the male and female principles creates the divine fragrance or energy of love. And God is love, as proclaimed by every spiritual master and teacher who has ever lived. But the distinction between the love of God outside of existence and the love of God in existence had never been made, as far as I know, until Barry Long introduced this extraordinary teaching of love to the West. In this article I will impart through my own experience ‘what love’s got to do with it’ in the quest to be a more authentic being of the earth.

Love concerns everybody on the earth. The imperative to procreate in order to perpetuate the species is an instinctual impulse in all animal forms. However, in human beings, it’s not just the reproduction of babies that’s essential but the reproduction of love through physical sexual intercourse. Physical love between the two genders has a profound purpose, the knowledge of which has virtually disappeared from the earth. Right lovemaking – love that is made consciously without excitement, fantasy and the need for orgasm – softens the resistance in matter. This releases the finer energies that have contracted through the stresses and tensions of living; and creates the sense of space and lightness that is often registered after the physical act. These energies are immensely regenerative, wholesome and conducive to the vitality of the being. At a deeper level, man serves his beloved in the exchange of love by ridding her of the male energy of the world and assimilating these energies in his psyche; and thus enabling her to be less burdened and reside in her feminine sweet nature. 

Many men in different spiritual practices and teachings make a decision to become celibate and to pursue the realisation of truth or God, independent of the love of woman. Some men have achieved this and rest content in their spiritual oneness with an aspect of God. But why do they avoid making love? It is because of the fear to love, as propagated by religious traditions down through the ages. The celibate’s choice to dismiss the physical act of love with the female as unnecessary makes him exclusive of his fellow man and woman. Consequently his knowledge of reality will be flawed, due to its intellectual bias, and mislead the people through avoiding the reality of love in existence. And it is a demonstration of man’s final thread of independence; and the attempt to preserve his manhood under the guise of spirituality and misguided beliefs. The awful truth he will not face is that woman is his love. In avoiding his function as the masculine principle, he will subconsciously fear the wrath of her emotionality – since this is an unresolved aspect of his self, waiting to be purified by man of love.

Physical love is the way for us earthlings to make a positive change to the appalling condition of the loveless-ness of the world. Anything else is just an avoidance of the purpose of life. The impulse for man to realise God, independent of the love of woman, is really the abandonment of love on earth. It’s here in everyday life that love is needed – not out of existence where love is complete unto itself. Woman is starved of love; I encounter it every day in my professional life.

Religion’s reaction to the fall of man was, of course, to invent a Devil and condemn the practice of making love as something ungodly and sinful. To abstain from making love was even made a virtue. This religious dogma has been responsible for the heavy burden of guilt and shame inflicted on generations of people, who were betrayed by those they sought to trust. With nobody around to set an example with the knowledge of the purpose of love, the struggle has been for humanity to retain some connection to the original impulse for the union of the two genders. Romance has been virtually extinguished except by the poets and dreamers; and in those rare instances by the individual whose love transcends the personal to merge with the beauty and virtue of the human spirit.

Lance Kelly 2012