Love and Truth

November 22, 2019 0 By Lance Kelly

The distinction between love and truth is rarely made. These two mighty words signify all that we human beings can aspire to be in this place where we all meet on the earth. Truth is above love, not as a superior state but as a level of reality which becomes more intangible as having any trace of existence. Such is the timeless quality of truth that the pure transmission of reality cannot enter the slower time gradients of the psyche without a medium to validate its presence. This medium is love: the other aspect of Divine Being.

From the realms of higher mind, the truth ‘travels’ on the medium of love. We experience the truth as clarity of mind when still and receptive to the moment. There can be an expansion of the normal perception, where it’s possible to appreciate as direct knowledge the integrity of life. The truth of one’s place in the grand scheme of the creative process can be clearly seen, as can the impersonal state of the planetary consciousness relative to other cosmic bodies within the solar system. It’s said that the truth, although brilliant in its straightness and originality, is cold – but only when there’s still attachment to hope in the future and belief in the past. The immediacy of truth threatens the emotional security of a familiar way of life.

Love is of the earth and the sensual beauty of existence, the finest expression of which is realised through the sacred physical union of the male and female principles. All things come into the world through this sexual imperative between man and woman. We all experience love, for without its ubiquitous presence it would be impossible to go on in such a loveless world. The difficulty for many people is that they have become desensitised to the subtlety of love’s presence. While it’s beautiful to be in a state of love with another or some external object, there’s a formless love forever present behind the sensory body. Sometimes love is upon us and not necessarily associated with anyone or anything in particular. This is the impersonal state of love; the union in the moment with the spiritual being of the earth.

Delving more deeply beyond the psyche into the realm of higher mind, love and truth merge as a unified state of being. Each life recurrence is an endeavour to erode the attachment to the world a little more, and thus reduce the distance in time from our eternal origins. In the great myth of life, man represents the truth as the cosmic upholder of virtue; whereas woman represents the spiritual beauty of the earth in female form. As the male principle radiates his essence upon the earth from the blackness of cosmic space, the female principle receives his solar emanation into the universal womb of her spiritual garden. From this divine conception arises the first movement in the mind, and life stirs on the surface of existence. The spiritual imperative ignites the passion for man and woman to unite in love and truth as the great romance of life on earth.