Love Beyond the Form

October 30, 2021 2 By Lance Kelly

Love is more enduring and real than just the mortal reflection of a man or woman; inherent in both is the potential to realise the formless love within each other. Each physical lover represents an aspect of the formless divinity within the body. When love is limited to just the physical appearance, knowledge of the being behind the form will be imperceptible.

It’s undeniable that physical beauty is a valuable asset in getting noticed in the world. It can open many doors, but it can also be a burden. One of the hardest facts to accept in this existence is that the body ages and gradually deteriorates. For a woman accustomed to being admired for her beauty, this is indeed a death. Everybody enjoys being acknowledged, just as all things (including the flowers) respond to the presence of love. But because most people don’t have the time or inclination to pause and acknowledge each other, they become attached to the external appearance in the mirror.

It’s the attachment to the glamour of the world that compels both men and woman to compare themselves to others. A woman will often judge her outer image as inadequate to attract man, especially in the company of more seemingly glamorous women; and a man will struggle to connect with his own true authority while still exclusively attached to the physical form of woman. He often projects his fantasy image onto women to match what he imagines to be his deepest desire for sexual fulfilment; and when he doubts his integrity in love, he becomes increasingly attached to his own appearance to bolster his masculinity.

For woman, the appearance of a man is usually less important as she’s inclined to make her choice of a potential partner based on more intuitive factors. But this is not infallible, since any negative experience of past relationships can distort her perception. While a woman is still susceptible to emotional manipulation, she’ll be vulnerable to seduction from predatory males and inclined to make the wrong choice. Alternatively, because of her attachment to the emotional pain of the past, she may reject the attention of a man who is worthy to love her.

When a woman thinks she has to please man by any other means than to simply be what she is, the consequences will always result in self-doubt and heartache. What every man truly loves in a woman is the virtue of the female principle. This is the innocence that first captivated him as a child in the reflection of the mother and any other females in the family environment. The passion of man is in his power to love woman to the death of all personal considerations which would distract him from this noble task. Only when love is the most important factor in both their lives is there then the possibility to realise a love that goes beyond the form.

Excerpt from e-book: ‘Making Love Real’ available from Amazon Kindle.