Love: The Eternal Mystery

Lumia 1 1151Love is the solution to all the misery and injustice inflicted upon the earth; but it is not necessarily the kind of love that we human beings embrace as a way of life. This is because love has a mystical purpose that is an aspect of cosmic intelligence. Man and woman represent the highest potential of intelligence that has arisen in the life forms of the earth. Love is really a gradient of intelligence that ranges from the personal to the impersonal. Personal love is the realm of normal relationships that is based mostly on sentiment and emotional attachment to another. Eventually personal love must be transcended for the simplicity of divine or impersonal love to be realised.

The catalyst in every case to a deeper realisation of love is emotional pain and the detachment from the personal element in love. The greater the love in existence of anyone or anything, the more intense the pain and suffering. But within this apparent paradox is love’s solution, and release from the restrictions and tyranny of personal love. Love’s solution is to break the heart of every lover that ever dared to love. This can happen as a result of a particular event or as a more gradual process over time.

Around the region of the heart is an emotional band consisting of all the negative experiences of the past in love. This can sometimes be registered as a dull ache, which can make somebody disconnected from love. In extremes, the effect of this calloused pain makes an individual cut off from love altogether. In most cases lovers’ hearts are broken, only to be restored and for the experience to be repeated with a different partner. To permanently remove the psychic dam that blocks the flow of pure love from the divine source within, the pain has to be consciously faced. When the divine union is made, love flows unimpeded throughout the body. This source of love creates a constant sense of wellbeing and freedom so that the individual need never undergo prolonged emotional suffering again.

Within everybody is the divine light of love. For a man this is the most beautiful female, and for woman the most magnificent man. Each physical lover represents an aspect of the formless unknowable divinity behind the body. When someone is attracted to another there is the recognition in the presence of that person which resonates with the formless love within. Pure attraction is not reliant on the normal feelings that usually arise by the appearance of physical beauty. Although there can be sexual desire, pure attraction is distinguished by the absence of choice and the knowledge of the rightness of the union. The physical body is really a vehicle of intelligence which, if left to its own devices, would naturally draw to itself the perfect mate for love.

Love made in existence is the preparation for a more enduring reality after physical death of the body. Human love, being personal, is tainted with selfish intent. An example is when somebody dies, perhaps a loved one who was in physical pain and was ready to go on. When that person dies it can be a time of sadness and a sense of profound loss. What often happens though is that the grieving process is perpetuated and becomes a selfish denial of the fact that everybody dies. The person grieves, not for the dearly departed but for the absence of the reassuring reflection of that love in form, which they had assumed would always be physically present. In my experience I have encountered many people, particularly women, who have been grieving for years. In many cases there is extreme guilt at the prospect of loving again, as though it would be a betrayal of the former partner. Of course, this is not the case because in death the perception of love becomes vaster and more impersonal.

Love is the finest communication and is not bound by the physical restrictions of the mortal realm. Love can endure beyond the grave and be immortalised while alive. Many people have sensed the ‘presence’ of a departed loved one; but the connection is often transient and self-doubt arises to convince that it was just imagination or a trick of the mind. This is because of the absence of any real knowledge of death, which keeps most people in the dark and mystified about this most natural of occurrences. Love is immortalised through speaking of death and recognising that everybody dies. It’s only that we have pushed death aside as a morbid subject that, when it happens, people are shocked. Love is the bridge to the ‘other side’; and the more real the love, the more death is seen through as any barrier to love in existence.

When lovers are conscious and attentive when making love, they contribute to the immortalising of their love. There must be a sense of higher purpose, with both partners willing to participate in discovering through their bodies the indescribable passion and sweetness of love untainted by sexual force and wanting. The difficulty is in finding the right example and instruction to practically apply to the actual making of love. As many people know who read my articles, I am blessed to have been inspired by Barry Long, the great spiritual master of the modern era. For anyone serious in discovering an original way to make love that can change the life for good, I recommend Barry’s remarkable teaching as an invaluable guide to help show the way.

Transforming sex into love is the mightiest challenge anyone can dare to undertake. As long as sex without love satisfies the personal drives of the individual, and they are able to shrug off the emotional ups and downs that are the effects of unconscious lovemaking, there is unlikely to be a fundamental shift in consciousness. Man can travel to the stars, subject his body to the harshest physical challenges or discover the secrets of the universe. But what’s the point when he is still sexually possessed and personally driven to have power of others but not of himself?

Only in real love does the mystery begin to unfold. When love is made for love, the sexual drive is transformed into a finer frequency. For man this is the freedom from the curse of existence: his sex obsession, the cause of his perpetual discontent and shame. And for woman, the goddess of love personified – what of her? She is the only hope for love on earth. Only a woman who has suffered rightly and refuses to yield to man’s sexual shenanigans can possibly restore some semblance of love on the planet. It is not easy and can appear impossible; but help is always at hand. The formless inner love is forever calling and accessible at any time as the silence and stillness of being.

Finally, this incredible power of nothing is perceived as the One and only, the Lord in existence disguised as the many. The love of anyone in the external world is the unconscious recognition of the Lord; every challenge in love provides the opportunity to make this more conscious. The Lord comes at the behest of love through the spiritual yearnings of man and woman, whose deepest desire through their journey in time and space is for union in love, the eternal mystery.

Lance Kelly 2015