Love: The Extractor of Pain

August 18, 2023 1 By Lance Kelly

Everyone on earth is looking for love in one way or another. But due to the corruptive force endemic in human beings, the beauty and immeasurable quality of love soon deteriorates into a shadow of its radiant light. Since love is our original nature, how then does the build-up of unconscious force infiltrate the body in the first place?

At the moment of birth, there is an imperceptible activation of what is energetically primed within the cells of the body’s psychic system. Everyone is apportioned a minute share of all the unresolved human experience since the dawning of time. These include the energies of cruelty, hatred, greed and, most intense of all, the unconscious sexual cravings that only life experienced in the flesh can provide. In what would appear to be a remarkable omission at birth, the knowledge of love (although implicit as the instinctual function of the vital organs and regulation of the body’s essential needs) is virtually dormant. The living process compels the man or woman, should they be willing, to make love conscious through the events and circumstances of their lives.

The body of self develops with experience, and becomes more virulent at the time of puberty with the inrush of the powerful reproductive energies. One function of this process is to wash away the residue of anxieties and tensions absorbed in childhood. But due to the absence of wisdom in the ways of love in parents, guardians and society, the true value of this climacteric period in every young person’s life is diminished. Inevitably, the energy of the pure sexuality released from the unconscious is seized upon by the psychic body of unhappiness. Sexual experimentation, suppression and sheer fascination with this extraordinary metamorphosis magnifies the attachment, not only to the pleasure of existence but also the pain. By the time someone is in their twenties or thirties, their unique individuality has almost disappeared.

At the behest of a man or woman inspired to be in command of their life, love comes forward as the extractor of pain. Initially the matter attached to the flesh is loosened in a way that exposes previously hidden areas of the subconscious. The Christian church refers to this process in their doctrine of absolution. In the times of the Inquisition, someone deemed a heretic would be burned at the stake to ‘loosen’ their sins and make them pure in the eyes of God. Such appalling practices have left an indelible mark on subsequent generations, who are burdened with the fear of divine retribution should they not adhere to the tenets of religious indoctrination.

As someone perseveres in overcoming the insidious nature of the alien self, more ground is made through the purification of the inner space. The self now becomes increasingly troublesome since it must exert more forceful energy to sustain its survival in the subconscious. Unbeknown to the self (since it has no knowledge beyond its instinctive drive to exist) is that its mass has now been reduced. In a desperate attempt to amplify its presence, the core of self bounces around the body, sometimes causing extreme discomfort and pain. As the extraction process continues, the self is gradually transformed and restored to the purity of love.

Love is a principle of divine origin and operates in the present as the immediacy of the ever changing moment. Anything of the past, such as emotion, clearly has no place in the present. Our physical bodies have hardened over the millennia to such an extent that most people today communicate to each other via electronic machines, which symbolise the disappearance of love from the world. The extraction of the defiant one is an intensely experienced inner death. In response to the deepening surrender of self, the psychic portal (symbolised by the valve of the organic heart) opens wider to allow a greater influx of love to enter the body. This has the effect of putting more pressure on the facets of the self still attached to the world.

Extract from e-book: ‘Living the Truth’