Love’s Business

October 20, 2023 0 By Lance Kelly

Love’s business differs from the business of the world in that everyone alive is engaged in discovering the source of this immeasurable quality of life. This is because the seed of love’s eternal essence is planted in every body at birth through the invisible hand of the Almighty. Love’s business has no board of directors or company chief. It’s left to the discretion of the individual alone to establish the right working ethos in which love can flourish to conscious fruition – or be discarded as a shadow of its true spiritual radiance. Love’s business operates all year round with no days off for rest and recuperation. We awake each morning from sleep and, whether we know it or not, are already clocked in for another shift in the great drama that is life on earth.

Although love can be a hard taskmaster, there’s no denying the sheer beauty and intimacy when connected to this glowing aspect of Divine Being. Love’s purpose is to bring the individual man or woman to the point of realisation where nothing becomes something and then disappears as the recurring reinstatement of the moment of eternity. When in the state of love, whatever is perceived externally adjusts accordingly to that octave of conscious perception. Why then, it could be asked, would anyone want to leave this beautiful and edifying state of being? What appears to sever the pure divine connection is the personal aspect of love which develops when the emotional force of self is stirred. This in turn creates the emotional attachment to another life form or object. When attached to anyone or anything, the virtue of any relationship diminishes and, with it, the honesty to the situation of love. Unless the psychic space is kept clear between partners or any other relationships within the family unit (or even with colleagues in the workplace), a conflict of interests will inevitably arise. 

Whereas love is a timeless state, emotion fluctuates as a condition in time. In becoming mostly reliant on personal feelings as a measure of their reality at any time, people have become desensitised to the subtlety of love’s presence. Since most of the world’s population now exists in emotional turmoil and confusion, love struggles today to find a foothold in existence. However, this does not deter love from its business despite the increasing resistance to divine love in the world. Love’s endeavour to unite man and woman is constant, even though the effects of emotion are graphically displayed in the media on a daily basis.

And yet in most people’s experience, love can suddenly be upon them, even when nothing out of the ordinary is happening in their external life. This reassures the individual, if just for a little while, that love is still in charge of life on earth even though they may soon be absorbed again in their world and demands of their existence. This is why, when in love, we immediately recognise our original state of being and are never more content or complete in this elevated state of heightened receptivity to life. From such a vantage point of perception, the normal petty concerns or any conflicts of interest with others miraculously disappear.

Love’s business is everyone’s business because love is our stock as beings of the earth. It’s to love whenever there’s an opportunity to serve another or something worthwhile. Love is giving; the giving up of holding onto to existence as anything to remember or work out from the past. Love is not concerned with the person, but with the totality of life in all of its wondrous romance, uncertainty and challenges.