Man: The Principle of Truth

May 30, 2020 2 By Lance Kelly

Man is magnificent when he’s being what he is rather than pretending to be what he’s not. But the essence of man in terms of his sacred purpose on earth is as difficult to perceive as is She, the female principle of love and beauty. In the approach to gaining a deeper insight into the character of the male principle, we must keep in mind the two sides of existence. From this sensory side of separate physical forms, we are products of time and past. From an inner perspective, Man is a radiant freestanding idea in the realms of higher mind. As the female principle releases a fragrance of spirit called love, so the male principle is bestowed with another aspect of Divine Being. This is truth.

Truth represents man’s pure spiritual authority, whereas his nobility of purpose determines his actions in the world. Whether he appears to succeed or otherwise in realising his potential is irrelevant to the broader picture. A cursory look into the world reveals that men display their masculinity in vastly different ways, from the alpha male bursting with self-confidence and bravado to the more gentle and sensitive kind. What is universal, however, is that the male of the species projects further out into the world than the female. The male is the active principle in existence, driven to take action to discover his true purpose in life; whereas the female has simply to be what she is as the passive principle of love.

All men are sexually possessed until the personal self has been transformed through love. This intense drive is converted as the need to be mentally occupied and constantly on the go. The busiest men in the world are the most sexually frustrated and disperse their libido through the emotional energy generated from their hectic lifestyle. Some men appear calm and detached from their emotions, which disguises the unconscious sexual force just underneath the surface mind. The compulsion of every man, regardless of his sexual orientation, is to enter women’s vagina and reach the womb of life. This is because the projected outer world, and every conceivable pleasure, is the sensory replica of the universal womb. As man violates the earth, he projects himself further out into time and space devoid of love. Women yearns to return to the feminine garden of her womb, as all men desire more than anything to enter its scintillating paradise. The merging of the male and female principles in physical love was the original way that peace and harmony was preserved in existence. It still is for anyone inspired to make love for love.

For the most part, the divine aspect of man is buried deep within the billions of men who represent the one indivisible character of Man. Although the presence of the male principle is unmistakeable when it rises into the sensory awareness, the person can never know or see it in himself. We can only know what we are not, but it is possible to be what I am. This is the part of man that we love, and recognise perhaps in a movie where the hero overcomes his fear and uncertainty to win his sweetheart, or in some act of valour when the he sacrifices his life for another. But it’s also in everyday affairs that the true character of man can fleetingly emerge, such as standing firm without reacting in the face of an emotional exchange. Many children, I suspect, have seen the divine element of Man shine through their dad (even the grumpiest) when they’ve risen to the occasion and displayed some action of selfless love.

So what is man supposed to be doing with his testosterone so as to expend his male energy in a spiritually productive and virtuous way? He’s here on earth to love woman, his mate. This doesn’t mean he has to discard his other worldly activities, but it’s just a case of priorities. And if a man thinks he doesn’t need woman to make him complete, he must then examine his life to see if he’s free of aimless thinking, restlessness, anger, frustration and self-doubt. Only real love brings about the cessation of the curse of existence for man: his preoccupation with sex and satisfying his rampant sexual urges. The truth is that She, the Goddess of Love, will never let man rest uninterruptedly on this earth until he realises his sacred obligation – to unite with her in the consciousness of the flesh.