Miracles and the Miraculous

September 2, 2016 0 By Lance Kelly

Miracles happen in time in the mirror of the world. The miraculous is the timeless state of consciousness outside existence. A miracle is a mirror image of something that is real and unchangeable. Once, long ago, miracles were more common when the psyche was less cluttered with past. Then it was possible for a spiritual teacher or healer to manipulate matter, walk upon the water or bring people back from the dead.

The miracle has nothing to do with the individual: it’s the energy that comes through them in their surrendered state to the source of power within. While there is any residue of personal aggrandisement or emotional force, the miracle will be less effective for the good of the whole. All miracles eventually become tarnished in time due to the inrush of resistance of the forces of existence. What was once perceived as wonder and glory is profaned and further distorted with each new generation.

Today the human race continues to pray for a miracle, but it’s usually to win the lotto or for peace on planet earth. Miracles still happen but usually occur to shatter the dream of the dreamer who has become entranced by the illusion of the world. The miraculous, thank God, is always here. In the first instance this is the beauty of nature and the wondrous instinctual intelligence that governs the seasons and migratory cycles of the species. The miraculous is the pulse of the beating heart that dutifully regulates the flow of blood, quietly and efficiently in the background, every moment of the life.

The miraculous is the good in the life wherever it is and in whatever form it takes. Most miraculous of all is that there is no death but life in this glorious creation. Miracles come and go in the image of this reflective existence. They are certainly true in the moment but, in truth, are a fleeting glimpse of the miraculous – the unalterable state of reality behind the miracle of existence.