Falling as a stone
Am I
Into the black
With no way back
Yet still I go on.
It is She who is calling,
My eternal love
Perceived in existence
In her many exquisite forms
The very same
But with no name
Or distinguishing features.

Obliterated desire
Cleansed by the spiritual fire
Not as a celibate finds
In an effort
To purify the mind
Of carnal thoughts
That can only be purified
Not as a dream
But in love supreme
The delight of the female flesh.

My God the lust
That corrodes like rust
The moist edges of love’s virtue.
Who could imagine
That human passion
Could ever be transcended
On the waves of pleasure
With each moment surrendered
For beauty to be
Innocent and free?

The mystery of She
A wisp of feminine fragrance
My first impression of Thee
An inner attraction
That held me entranced
And bid me advance
Towards the sacredness
Of that which I could never know
But, like love,
Would never tire of pursuing.

Love is unity
Cessation of effort and pain
To labour in vain
For anything other than my love
For She, and only She,
Can liberate and touch me
With her sword of truth
To bring me to my knees.

Blessed by love
Am I
A gift from above
Or below
It matters not
To the glow
That lights the dark chambers
Of the underworld.

Love is devotion
Rarefied emotion
Absence of possessive urge
The scourge of virtue
To take by force
The holy shrine
Of She
My Dearest
Portal to God.