Practical Guidance

Harnessing the Power

To exist in a body is an enormous energy drain and requires great presence of mind to offset the forces of existence. The world’s way of dealing with the stresses of living is to provide a palliative to ease the pain with alcohol, drugs, and endless entertainment; this it does in abundance.

For someone earnest in pursuing a more purposeful way of life, the need to contain energy leakages is paramount. Certain adjustments to the lifestyle may occur automatically. Activities once eagerly pursued fail to give the same satisfaction as before, and less time is given to socialising or being with family and friends from feelings of duty or obligation. The energy previously used in this way is then contained, providing more power and clarity to deal with problem areas in the external world. A typical example of energy leakage is to continue in a relationship or situation that no longer has any virtue and is subconsciously known to be detrimental to the wellbeing of both parties. As the life is tidied up, such as getting things straight with loved ones and other relationships, a new sense of freedom is known.

Another effective way to contain energy leakage is to refuse to talk about the past unless it’s necessary to refer to something practical in the world. This interrupts the trivial conversations that often occur when interacting with others. Talking about the past becomes both mentally and physically exhausting to someone who has begun to withdraw from the superficiality of normal living. Once the attachment is broken, the regime can be relaxed because the containment of energy has become an integrated part of the life. It is advisable, however, to explain to friends, work colleagues and family that you prefer not to talk about the past because you’re endeavouring to be more conscious in your life. As long as there’s no intention to change the lives of others, most people will accept this as something that you’re involved in that doesn’t affect them.

The home is another area of potential energy leakage. The space in our home is an external mirror of the inner realm. It’s symbolic of the harmony or disorder of the mind and the way we function in the world. Many homes are cluttered with unnecessary trinkets which signify a condition of mind that’s become habitually dependent on the past to substantiate the present. Possessions that form part of the background scenery can create barriers within the psychic structure of the property. This gives the place a tired energy and people often feel exhausted after visiting, perhaps not quite knowing why. It’s always cathartic to have a house clearance so as to introduce a fresh perspective on the immediate environment. This can often induce a rejuvenating source of energy and a sense of inner clarity.

Perhaps the most common form of energy leakage in the modern era is dependence on the ubiquitous computer screen. The electrical current which powers the computer, or any similar device, depletes the wellbeing in the body. Mental exhaustion and the inability to relax can often follow after too much exposure in front of the television set or any other electrical monitor. The electronic field now surrounding  the earth is already having far-reaching effects on the mental health and wellbeing of the human race, with symptoms including anxiety, depression, fatigue, hyperactivity and, most important of all, having less time or inclination for love.

Everyone has the potential to unite with their own spiritual being; but it’s to identify the greatest leakage of energy to attend to first, and this can vary in everyone’s life. However, the most persistent drain on energy is through thinking and worrying. Aimless thought, daydreaming and imagination are energy leakages now on an endemic scale – and there’s no escaping the effort needed to master the mind to neutralise the energy wastage of unnecessary thinking. But it’s imperative to understand the thinking mechanism and how, when left to its own devices, it becomes the greatest impediment to spiritual liberation.


Thinking: The Space Invader

Aimless thinking is an indulgence of an undisciplined mind. Unless someone is prepared to stop thinking or daydreaming in the good times, it will be impossible to halt the thinking momentum when difficulties arise. Most people assume that thinking is a virtue and the zenith of human creativity, but fail to appreciate that worry, fear and anxiety are thinking operating at an intensified vibration. Everyone knows how difficult it is to stop thinking when agitation or intense feelings arise, as any emotional disturbance fuels the thinking process.

To master the thinker is the most challenging task of the spiritual process. It does, however, yield great self-knowledge and clarity when the practice becomes second nature and the mind becomes obedient to the power of a superior intelligence. In the process of mastering the thinker, it’s important to understand the origin of thought. Thinking persists as the perpetual momentum of mentalised matter which now encircles the human psyche. These thought waves externalise as a band of electrostatic force surrounding the earth which, imperceptibly, contribute to global warming and most mental disorders.

A single thought, when supported by an emotional charge such as anger or sexual excitement, induces a minute fault line within the psyche, not unlike a tremor which precedes an earthquake. It’s possible that a negative thought originating by somebody in New York, for example, could influence someone in Mumbai! And this is happening in billions of psychic interactions every moment, which are replicated in the world as the exchange of information through ‘phone calls, texts, emails and innumerable electronic communications. Each day the demands of the world exert a greater burden on the totality of life forms and natural resources of the earth.

The global effect of the combined thought patterns of the human race is mostly unperceived due to the almost total psychic possession of humanity. One of the most common effects is for people to become inexplicably emotional as a consequence of psychic forces operating behind the formal world. ‘Rage’ has become a byword in the media to describe the release of this intense negativity in all its different manifestations. The mind needs an anchor to withstand these forces, which are always trying to enter an individual’s psychic space. The natural anchor for the mind is the tingling sensation within the body, sometimes faint but always there. The tip of the fingers is usually the easiest place to register sensation, but there are different frequencies that can be registered throughout the body. When this inward focus can be sustained, no thought can enter the inner space.

The main difficulty is commitment to the discipline of being still. The human mind fears stillness even though it may appear to co-operate for a while, especially in the early stages. Once it grasps you’re serious, however, it’s amazing the range of plausible excuses it makes to avoid making time to be still. The mind has become habitually attached to the momentum of thinking as a means to safeguard its aversion to stillness. The insane tempo of thought patterns is projected into the world as the obsession with meeting deadlines, quicker computers to process more data and faster movement of frames in the movies to keep the attention of the audience away from their ‘phones and tablets.

The solution to mastering the thinker is the purification of inner space. Whenever the demands of the self are transcended, a little piece of space within the subconscious is reclaimed. This creates, over a period of time, a perimeter of purified space that is impenetrable to negative thoughts and emotions, not unlike a castle moat which prevents the entry of hostile forces. As intelligence dissociates from identifying with erroneous thoughts and memory impressions, the perception is actually withdrawing from the thinking band of the human psyche into the pure psyche, where any unnecessary mental association is transcended.


Letting Go

People are often advised to ‘just let go’ of any emotional pain or anxiety as though it’s something that can be done without first confronting the source of negativity. If it were a case of simply letting go, then everyone would be free and able to detach at will from the demands of self. It’s the emotional pain of the past that refuses to let go.

The past is an effect of intelligence operating below the speed of light. Unless the substance of the past is continually let go in the moment through being present in the senses, the flow of life becomes impeded and creates emotional blockages in the psyche. The past obviously has no place in the present. This substantive energy needs to be continually eliminated through being conscious in the body; otherwise the emotional content hardens as attached matter to the flesh.

The flesh is not the sensory appearance of the body but the inner sensation which resonates to the frequency of love. Love is the swiftest intelligence which is beyond the speed of light and enters existence as the speed of now. What happens in most people is that love degenerates to emotion, which is the slowest frequency of intelligence that’s possible for life to exist. Love is not an emotion since all emotion is an effect of the past.

The past is kept emotionally alive through ruminating on the events and circumstances of yesterday or the last moment. This creates a dull vibration of self, often registered as a dark and depressive shadow. The impulse is then to find something to elevate the negative feelings through some form of stimulation. Sexual excitement, thinking about good times in the past or projecting numerous possible scenarios in the future all speed up the dull vibration to a faster rate. Although this temporally lifts the cloud of depression, once the excitement peaks, the person plunges back to a low and the cycle repeats itself.

There’s no chance of letting go when the emotional force of self is rampant. Once activated in the mind and compounded by the thinking process, the energy must complete its cycle. The best that can be done in these times is to contain the inner pressure and the impulse to react. The challenges of life must come, but increasing stillness and sensitivity to the inner state creates a spiritual centre of purified space.

The key to it all is that whatever I the individual acknowledge then returns as the circumstances and quality of the life. To effectively let go of the past as any emotional suffering is to practise letting go in the good times, not the bad. Acknowledge pain and it returns, only magnified with the psychic force of other unresolved emotions in the body. Acknowledge with gratitude any good in the life, such as being able to perceive the wonder of the sensory world, and something is retained as consciousness which is accessible at any time. This is the spiritual essence of the being, which transforms the past into the presence of love.


Living Consciously

Living consciously is to be a hunter seeking the truth, not as a predator in search of its prey but to discern the significance of life when confronted with the challenges of existence. Every moment there’s an opportunity to discover something of value, relative to being more conscious in the body.

It’s essential in the daily life to be connected to something real to offset the unreality of the deadening weight of the world. Everything out here in the sensory realm eventually fades and dies, whereas what is real endures. What is real is the wellbeing in the body which is always underneath the surface tensions and anxiety. This is an inner reality which, when acknowledged regularly, becomes more accessible as a conscious pool of vital energy to offset the stresses and strains of the living process.

Many people use various, sometimes complicated, techniques to attain some sort of peace or equilibrium. If these work to bring about an uninterrupted state of harmony, then that is good. However they are often only partially effective and can become a crutch which no longer serves any purpose. But there are many simple actions available to all that can be taken to assist the process in becoming more conscious. Some of these are listed below:

1. Observing the breathing provides a wonderful insight into the wonder of life. At a point between each breath there’s a pause in which the inhaling and exhaling is neutralised and all is at rest. This still point is real and, when made conscious, can be effective in calming the mind and allowing things to be seen in a different light.

2. Having sufficient pause in the day to acknowledge people, or indeed anything such as the kettle, tree or home. This is an action of consciousness as the recognition of another’s uniqueness and function in existence.

3. To be gracious in all things is a way of noble intent to serve the needs of a situation regardless of what’s in it for the personal self. To discern the needs of a situation requires a clear perception. The difficulty is the band of negativity which orbits close to the surface mind. The first psychological level of mind is the pain of the past which people keep alive by resurrecting in the memory the traumas of past living experience.

4. Without the presence of love, the daily routine of living becomes monotonous and the person discontented. This is the purity of space within the body which enables the reflection of love to be acknowledged without. Love in all its forms needs continual acknowledgement, so as to awaken the man or woman like the opening of a flower.

5. To be grateful for everything that life has provided, however small and seemingly insignificant. This needs to be done throughout the day and not just occasionally when something ‘good’ happens. It’s good to be alive; otherwise we’d be unable to do anything, even to get out of bed in the morning.

The possibilities are endless, and can be made an adventure when life is able to manifest in a creative and spiritually productive way. The momentum of the mind, however, is the obstacle as it disturbs the emotional body of self. This clouds the perception and slows down the intelligence considerably to a degraded emotional frequency. Vigilance is the way to master the mind’s incessant need to be continually active. Great effort is necessary to be reminded to be alert and present in the body – until the practice becomes effortless as an autonomous, but deeply conscious, state of being. Being present in the senses creates a natural perimeter of space, not unlike a moat that surrounds a castle to keep any hostile forces at bay.

To be present is to have the attention focused inwardly on the solar plexus, or anywhere in the body where a tingling sensation can be registered. This will stop any movement of the mind as aimless thought. Then it’s to be present in the awareness of the senses with the eyes open while still registering the inner sensation, and to simply perceive the outer world without any emotional interpretation. This simultaneous action is being now as both inner and outer realms, which combine to produce our total experience of life. To be unconscious is to be exclusively focused on one and not the other.

The idea is to unite the psychic aspect of the being with the sensory awareness as a fusion of mind, body and spirit. Living consciously is to be this timeless point of creative genius while encompassing the whole spectrum of the living process. In this way, the moment which is now can work for good and provide whatever is necessary for life to be fulfilling in our time on planet earth.


Entering the Solar Plexus

The human body is profound beyond the comprehension of the mind. Medical doctors operate on the physical side of existence whereas the inner observer looks through the feelings of experience for the truth behind the form. The psychic centres within the body (sometimes referred to as the ‘chakras’) function as a totality of being. The psychic centre which is the portal to the cosmic levels of mind is the solar plexus; this small but highly sensitive region beneath the breastplate is the doorway to reality. To cross this threshold is to unite with the mystery of life and the secret of death. Love enters existence through the solar plexus and is the place where attraction to the beauty of other forms of life is first registered.

The idea of entering the body in meditation is to make conscious the interior world of the psyche. This speeds up the frontal intelligence, which functions at a reduced level when identified with the movement and objects in the material world. The entry into the solar plexus is helped considerably by attending to any problem areas in the circumstantial outer life that would cause an emotional disturbance in the body. Then it’s possible to put the focus of attention on the solar plexus for longer periods without thought or distraction.

The breakthrough happens when a pulse is registered which is not unlike the heartbeat, only this originates from deep inner space. However there is usually no discernible sensation until entering the body in stillness and humility becomes a regular practice in the life. This is because it’s the part of the body which is nothing that can be described or defined, and yet this apparent absence of feeling is a highly energised soul centre. The difficulty is that the emotions gathered around the chest, together with discursive energies arising from the stomach region, tend to smear the aperture of the plexus centre.

When the frontal intelligence approximates the state of consciousness, the separation between inner and outer realms unites. Immediately, the perception passes through the solar plexus (often experienced as an accelerating at tremendous speed) into the pristine blackness of timeless inner space. This is intuited to be something beyond the normal boundaries of human experience, and is an introduction to reality which inspires the individual to travel onwards into the solar level of mind. The external solar system parallels with remarkable precision the journey of the soul towards cosmic consciousness. However, uninterrupted access into the planetary space through the solar plexus is only possible after having faced and crossed the threshold of the first cosmic body nearest the earth – the moon.

The space between the earth and moon symbolises the subconscious realm, which represents everything that can be known and described by the human mind. As formless life enters existence on the time waves of terrestrial mind, the impersonal subconscious is superimposed with the lunar essence, without which life as sensual existence could not have evolved. The orbit of the moon creates a transcendent ring of celestial consciousness which surrounds the earth as the principle of nature. The lunar plasma engenders a quickening of the vital life force, which breaks down the original matter of the earth into the sap and flow necessary for organic life to flourish. The purpose at this evolutionary phase of life is to exceed the orbit of the moon, not externally in a spacecraft, but inwardly so as to neutralise the gravitational pull for recurrence in the world.

The pull of the spirit is not unlike the medium of gravity, which draws all things back to the source of original power. As cosmic beings, we came out of the solar plexus into the body consciousness and, similarly, would return the same way at death; but this is rare in these materialistic times. The more common exit at the termination of the physical body is through the cranium, which necessitates a further process of purification. Beyond the moon the quality of inner space, having been being divested of past, is infused with the consciousness of the other planets, which creates a spiritual line of power to the nucleus of the sun. In passing through the solar plexus, and then through the solar principle of the Sun, the being is finally united with its alter ego at journey’s end – or the end for now of a particular cosmic phase of mind.


In at the Deep End

To be in at the deep end is to have taken the plunge into the unknown. The unknown is fathomless and the descent is a continuous revelation of the divine mystery behind the formal appearance of the world.

The barrier which stops someone entering the deep end before it’s time is the fear of detaching from the world through the identification with what’s assumed to be the only reality. This is the psychosis which keeps the person bobbing on the surface level of existence. Another common anxiety for people is sinking too deeply too soon. The truth is that the spiritual buoyancy of the body consciousness finds the level of the psyche comparable to the self-knowledge of the individual. However, consciousness is always moving on, making it possible to descend ever more deeply as the life unfolds and the attachment to the world diminishes.

What we’re endeavouring to do is to be conscious of the inner state while simultaneously being present in the senses in the outer world. This is the total immersion in consciousness as an inner and outer state of being. A useful practice whenever reminded is to interrupt the momentum of the day, either at work or around the house. The idea is to pause and drop everything as any emotional tension which tends to gather particularly in the shoulders, throat and head. Then it’s possible to return to the task at hand, revitalised through this action of consciousness.

To descend into the depths of the psyche, it’s necessary to disengage from the identification with the body’s natural functions, which continue autonomously regardless of whatever inner state is realised out of existence. When nothing perceives nothing, the self-conscious element which normally keeps the attention distracted by something in the objective world then disappears. This induces the faster than light speed perception which, when integrated with the frontal intelligence, initiates a time change enabling existence to be perceived before it takes form.

The spirit is unknowable to the human mind since its timeless quality is unable to be held as an experience. What may appear to have little significance to begin with bears much spiritual value as the process intensifies in the detachment to being a slave to time and the forces of existence. Pure energy, which is the power of spirit, enters the brain at a velocity beyond the speed of light. But the brain, being a product of time and past, is compelled to approximate the energy of the spirit through the relatively slower time gradient of sensory perception.

Anyone who can receive what’s been written here has already emerged out of the shallow perception of human awareness to make the search for truth the most important focus in the life. The more of us able to maintain this one-pointed endeavour, the more that others will be assisted to descend into the depths of the psyche through the collective pool of self-knowledge.