What’s The Matter?

“Nothing really matters 
Anyone can see
Nothing really matters
To me”

Freddie Mercury (Bohemian Rhapsody)

In this article I investigate and draw upon my perceptions of the inner reality, through the journey back to the source of life. I’m sure many of you have made similar discoveries, but it’s helpful to articulate it so as to prepare the way for others who may follow.
   The difference between the living and the dead, or the conscious or the unconscious, is determined by the speed of intelligence and stillness of the mind. Intelligence degrades in movement, such as in aimless thinking or when distorted by negative emotions. A restless mind lacks focus, is easily distracted, and becomes habitually dependent on an insane momentum of background chatter and mental imagery for its supposed peace of mind!
There’s no escaping the effort needed to master the mind and to quell the thinking process. Entering the body as a conscious action (such as in meditation) sends an energetic signal to the centre point or nucleus of the brain. The brain translates this initially as a command to neutralise the functions that monitor the external awareness of the senses. It’s like preparing for sleep; but the task is to remain conscious and alert. Increasing stillness has the effect of loosening the tensions and anxieties gathered in everyday living.  Further on in the process, it’s possible to dissolve emotional chunks of past experience that have solidified in the deeper recesses of the body. This transformation of the emotional self instigates a cellular chain reaction within the matter. The reactivated cells emit or radiate energy of pure intelligence or self knowledge. With the inspiration, devotion and through the grace of God, there’s no limitation to the profundity of realisations accessible within the different levels of the psyche. 

Science relates to the external world, mistaking form for matter in its search for meaning in physical existence. It’s an understandable error since science refutes anything that cannot be measured or quantified in materialistic terms. Quantum physics, the esoteric branch of scientific enquiry, pursues the origin of matter through inventing abstract particles. When confronted with nothing (the absence of form or object) the mind’s reaction is to fill in the space as quickly as possible. To their continued astonishment, the scientists then discover the actual particle, heralding it as a major breakthrough (not realising they had manifested matter through the mind or, as it is said, through “mind over matter”).
   Science pursues reality in a way that creates more questions and the need for intellectual theory. Reality can only be induced through the still mind of the scientist or anybody willing to confront the unknown alone. The absence of movement in the mind negates the subject, I, or observing intelligence. This state of being neutralises the resistance generated by the incoming stream of reality against the outer forces of existence. The perception is then magnified or enhanced to give intimations of eternity and the origins of the universe.

Original matter is impossible to quantify; but its effect can be registered through the human psyche, usually as something overwhelmingly base and lifeless. This unknowable substance of eternity is the fuel that powers the moment and makes existence possible. At this level of reality, matter is pure energy (or anti-matter) that provides the creative patterns for the structure of form and solid shapes of existence. Matter is extracted in eternity by supreme intelligence, or God; this is then converted to a suitable frequency for earth ideas to manifest through the intellect into existence. Replicating the one divine Lord of existence are individual selves – us, whose original state of being can only be preserved by being conscious in the moment to prevent the past or matter from damming the flow of life.

So what’s the matter?  What is the point of being a self reflective human being? As a race we have veered off course in such a dramatic fashion that there’s no solution to the woes of the world for the masses. Science can’t help – except to tantalise the public, through the media, with their ‘ground-breaking new discovery’ that will eventually take humanity to the stars. And religion is as useful as a bucket with a hole in it, with the substance of the teachings leaking out and diffusing the message of the master. No – the only hope is for I, the individual man or woman, who is willing to come on the ultimate trip where, at journey’s end, I can’t come back – nor do I want to.

The optimum point of reality is the moment or now, the one constant phenomenon of existence. Energetically present within the mind is the ever present archetypal idea of existence. In my own experience, this radiates as a point of incandescent light or pure spirit: the presence which immediately communicates the power and glory behind the sensory physical world. This was one of the great wonders I received through the teachings of Barry Long, the master who introduced such extraordinary ideas into existence. So the idea of existence is the supreme point of reality within the brain. It is only the matter surrounding it that dims its light. The further matter extends into time or past, the more the original substance or energy converts to emotion – a more fluid and pliable medium for the psychonomy of human beings. The spiritual process of self surrender is a ramp of increasing suffering that mirrors the penetration or transformation of original matter into the presence of love.
Love, the finest elixir, is the medium that enables man and woman to realise the truth of existence. But human love is a pale reflection of the potency of impersonal love. Love is supreme intelligence and beauty that infuses matter and the life force in perfect union. It’s this dynamic tension that provides the imperative attraction between the male and female genders. The presence of love enables matter to glow with the original moment of now. The perception of the present is love; the challenge in existence is to discover something that is permanent and enduring.  Nothing else really matters.

Lance Kelly 2012