Sex: The Global Possession

thAn alien force has invaded and taken over planet earth. This unsuspected entity’s name is sex – now a global possession that drives the progressive world. At a universal level sex is an impersonal desire that is consonant with the impulse of all life forms to perpetuate the species. This manifests in nature as instinct, harmoniously attuned to the wellbeing of the planet. So why it is that human beings, the sovereigns of the earth, are the only animals to make a problem of sex and their sexuality? In this article I’ll be looking at the effects of sex as a global possession in our modern culture and how this manifests in the individual. Some of the signs are self-evident in their graphic portrayal of sexual deviancy whilst others are more subtle and influence the world unknowingly.

Sex in its purity is love, the original state of being. The unifying energies of the male and female principles provide the most glorious pleasure in existence, and the physical expression of love between two bodies is the most natural activity in the world. The difference between human beings and the other species is our self-conscious super sense which enables us to reflect on the past and evaluate our experience of life. Human beings are unique in that we can know and be conscious of life and love as no other instinctive animal can. However the peculiar effect of self-consciousness is that any reflection as thought or imagination on the pure sexuality within the body is immediately corrupted and becomes sex. This is registered in an individual as intensified feelings and the need for release of the pent-up energies. As a consequence, we have become slaves to a force that is alien to the natural state of love. If the whole world just made love for the sheer beauty and privilege of being in union with the beloved, there would no problems on earth.

The sexual possession arises from the core of the self as a reaction to the pain of being in existence. It’s a gradual process that begins to manifest externally in the child through the voice and throat. This is sometimes heard in children when they speak in a distorted and exaggerated manner and, more graphically, when they erupt in a tantrum as they all do at some time. The possession then permeates every cell in the body as a psychic presence, which is triggered at puberty as the reproductive potential is activated. This is compounded through the sexual experience and self-obsessive nature of the developing adult – and is the cause of every neurosis and psychological disorder that afflicts the human race.

The most subtle way of dispersing the pressure of sexual discomfort is thinking and imagination. This has evolved as a sophisticated outlet for the human race to avoid confronting direct the inner possession and being responsible for life and love on earth. Thinking provides a psychic release of tension, a sort of background ambience that alters in frequency from aimless thought to a more intense vibration causing worry, stress or anxiety. Discarnate sexual entities, the energetic residue of past lives, enter the personal space of an individual on thought waves when an emotional connection is able to be established. Indulgence in fantasising and erotic imagery heightens the possibility of psychic possession. In extremes, particularly when sexual assault is involved, the individual is often completely possessed and unable to control his actions.

Today, wherever love appears or endeavours to be expressed in the world it is soon extinguished and undermined by the sexual force of the global mass media. At the time of writing there are innumerable sex scandals rocking the establishment in Britain and in other countries around the world. Perhaps the most surprising thing is that people are still shocked by what’s happening. Sex is a destructive force that is devoid of any morality and considers nothing except itself and getting what it wants. A predatory psychic entity, sex isolates itself from the totality of love to enable it to experience the full spectrum of human emotions.

Sex pursues the innocent with unbridled lust as a serial killer stalks a fresh victim. It is behind all the greed, violence, selfishness and cruelty of the world. Masquerading as ambition and acquisition, the ethos of our global society, sex is the energy that lubricates the engine of western culture. Violence and war arise from the sexual frustration of leaders, politicians and industrialists, unable to reconcile the sexual drive and momentum of their own loveless existence. This in turn fuels the mass media, whose sole objective is to stoke the unhappiness of the human race by reporting on scandal and tragedy in the world. The pollution and waste spillage that contaminates the air and flows into the seas destroying the eco-system is the impersonal effect of a world without love. Alcohol and drugs cushion the hard edges of living by transmuting pain into pleasure, bolstered by the glamour of the entertainment industry and celebrity culture.

The global possession of sex is now complete and there’s nothing that can be done to eradicate the escalation of global negativity. Any philanthropic gesture or selfless act to alleviate the suffering and injustice in poverty-stricken areas of the world will be a drop in the ocean, and soon overwhelmed by greater tragedy and civil unrest. Terrorism signifies the sexual possession in its most extreme and dangerous manifestation. The intense feelings of hatred and fanatical zeal arise from the pressure of the unconscious as a reaction to the degradation of love on the earth. Each atrocity is a subliminal jolt within the human subconscious, agitating the psyche with discursive waves of fear and uncertainty. It’s only a matter of time before the terrorists unite as a global force of extremism and have the means to decimate the democratic centres of the West with evermore sophisticated weapons of mass destruction.

The sexual possession will manifest in society as growing anxiety, agitation and paranoia, with people displaying symptoms of mental disorders on a larger scale due to electromagnetic pollution. The greed and wanting of material wealth will be more aggressively pursued by new generations of entrepreneurs, and there will be an ever greater divide between the rich and the poor. Love as the natural union between the male and female genders will gradually fade in successive generations due to a unisex culture that will engineer genetically induced flesh robots for sexual satisfaction. People will shun intimate relationships in favour of impersonal sex with robots to hide from the responsibility of love, and from facing the hell of emotional negativity in a one to one partnership. The internet will evolve to provide a virtual four-dimensional living experience so that the line between the actuality of the sensual world and the computer-generated world will be imperceptible.

It’s quite a legacy for tomorrow’s children.

Lance Kelly 2015