Social Media: The Truth behind the Tweets

May 18, 2016 0 By Lance Kelly

th (58)Social media is playing a pivotal role in shaping the next evolutionary phase of human culture. The internet and the vast network of social media sites that connect the majority of the world’s population represent a unique shift within the human psyche. In this new epoch, death will no longer be an imposition and the way will be open to cosmic participation as an immortal state of being. The difficulty is the impediment of dead past that has solidified as a stratum of past ignorance around the simplicity of the earth. Each person registers a portion of this as the burden of living, either as emotional negativity or the hardships that all must confront in one way or another. The purpose of life is to make this unconscious layer of human suffering more conscious and so contribute to the greater good beyond the personal drives and desires. Social media and the worldwide web is the material representation of the psychic system of life after death and, more ominously, the external means in which humanity will be made to confront the truth of its own making.

The world exists as a mirror of a greater reality and must takes its rise from the truth behind the appearance of things. There’s much talk in this Age of Aquarius that we are all one and unified through light and love in a place beyond time and space. This may or may not be true, but what’s clear is that the majority of the world’s population is unified, not in love and light but through social media and its power source – electricity. The global network of computer-generated messages provides a connection between the people of the earth. This invisible energy is transmitted through cell phones and other computer devices and permeates the subconscious of the receiver.

Each Facebook account, or similar site, represents a minute cell within the human psyche that attracts other cells as followers or subscribers. The individual’s profile then begins to amass an electrically-generated body of cells, mirroring the after-death process. In this place vital cells are reconstituted to assimilate a body of experience as the next life recurrence on earth. The more popular an individual in terms of having millions of followers, the more that individual’s image is superimposed upon the electrical current generated throughout the world. Billions of imperceptible atoms are disseminated around the planet in a similar way that atoms from a decomposed corpse are dispersed through the air and elements of the earth. This is why people sometimes think they see an image of someone they know – and in a flash they’re gone. They appear to be created and decreated simultaneously, following the patterns of reality in another time and place.

On the face of it, the facility to create a personal profile and reach a wider circle of friends and acquaintances is tremendously attractive. We all enjoy communicating our interests to like-minded people and to be acknowledged by other citizens around the world. This reaffirms a connection for many people with our deepest yearnings for a global society based on friendship, goodwill and impersonal love. The difficulty is the emotional element that twists and distorts whatever positive values people enjoy through interacting on the net. These negative traits often externalise as vicious and cruel attacks, mostly directed to those in the public eye. At another level, social networking stokes the emotional pendulum of likes and dislikes generated through the tension of acceptance or rejection of others. This dynamic keeps the person in a mild state of anticipation which can escalate to excitement or delirium depending on the emotional attachment to the follower. I suspect this a view unlikely to be shared by the millions of subscribers to Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus.

The internet represents everything the world can offer as tangible knowledge of the affairs of human kind. At a click of a button, information is available that will give the answers to just about any brainy or intellectual question. But the internet is flawed since it’s unable to realise the source of its origins due to the limitation of the programmer’s self-knowledge. The hardware that powers the internet symbolises the psychic brain behind existence. The electrical energy invisible to the naked eye represents the field of consciousness that is the reality behind the appearance of space. Unknowingly, or unconsciously, humanity has externalised the structure of reality but is unable to get to the power of life at the source. Social media and the internet have been instrumental in hooking up the world so that we can be unified and experience life as a global society. Never before in history has the majority of the earth’s population been vulnerable to participate as a unified body in world-shaking events and emotional tragedy. Social media is the way in which the devil of duplicity and cunning can have its way to complete this phase of western civilisation – until the end when time will have run out for us all.