“I’m speechless. I just wanted to cry. That was amazing. Everything you said was spot on and described everything going on in my life exactly” Nicola

“A very uplifting experience” Steph

“That was marvellous. It made me feel so much better” Sue

“It was wonderful. It was just like coming home” Mary

“I’ve never had a reading quite as amazing as that one and it left me feeling really positive” David

“Best reading I’ve ever had” Doug

“You’ve done it again!” Kay

“That was so reassuring” Trudy

“Spooky but absolutely fantastic” Leanne

“Couldn’t be more bloody right! I was very sceptical before I came in but you’ll never know how right you were” Martin

“I absolutely enjoyed that. I got a lot out of it” Dave

“Exceeded all expectations” John

“That was me” Anna

“That was lovely. I really enjoyed that” Katy

“You struck a deep chord within me” Gareth

“Thank you so much – you’ve opened my eyes” Megan

“What you’ve said describes my life completely” Donna

“Your reading is one which will remain with me for a long time” Vince

“I was overwhelmed by the accuracy of your readings” Rachel

“You were spot on with what you told me and you’ve given me that extra boost to move forward “ Jackie

“I got more out of that than you’ll ever know” Stephen

and finally…

“That’s all very well but I’d rather have a good roast dinner” (An elderly lady’s response to the prediction of love coming into her life)