The Active Presence

September 1, 2023 0 By Lance Kelly

When you turn off an electrical device such as a T.V. or computer, the light of the on/off switch or power supply button often stays illuminated? There is no longer any energy being released from the source but the unit is still active at a reduced electrical charge. This procedure is what happens at the time of physical death. The incoming release of the life force is switched off but the residue of the active presence of existence continues to function, but no longer at a level that is able to support the totality of the bodily system. This is similar to what happens when the body is asleep or unconscious. The difference at physical death is that the psychic thread unifying the senses to the material awareness has now been severed.

People often intuit the presence of the recently deceased shortly after their death. The ritual of laying the body to rest for three days before burial or cremation tacitly acknowledges the normal time period for initial phases of the after death process to be completed.  So, just like the T.V. set, there’s still a light within the machinery even though no longer powered fully from the source. After having experienced being in existence as an active presence, the impulse within every life form is to return to the source of its creative inception behind the visible world. Where there has been deep attachments to the recently departed, the grief and emotional energy can have the effect of holding back the psychic being from going on to the more profound regions of the after death process. The dead are pulled back into the sphere of the living sustained through the active presence of existence of their own beam of consciousness and the emotional energy of those still alive. Eventually however, the psychic links between those alive and the active presence of the dead becomes weakened and the gravitational pull to return to the source of everlasting life prevails.

Love for another as the sheer recognition of the virtue of that man or woman whose light touched the core of the inner being while alive has no effect as an active presence in existence. The love for someone whose body has died is a passive exchange of direct communication of the union of life that endures beyond the grave. At the spiritual octave, the passive state is imbued with the stillness of immortal love where words and physical demonstrations of affection are no longer necessary. The unity of the spirit is the absence of everything positive in existence where ultimately all contrasts, even the passivity of love, are transcended. What remains is the pulse of the earth’s cosmic being, breathing life into existence while the point of reality that I am looks on.