The Alien in the Dark

February 20, 2021 0 By Lance Kelly

The alien in the dark is the emotional body of self which operates in the shadowy tributaries of the subconscious. Everybody on earth is afflicted by this psychic entity. But rarely is the self ever perceived in its unbridled presence due to its consummate skill in disguising its true nature. Consequently over time, the negative residue of emotional negativity develops as a callous over the simplicity of being. Every time someone becomes emotionally upset they give life to this negative body of unhappiness. When people keep busy and lose themselves in the distractions of the world, they unknowingly allow the self to thrive. But eventually everyone has to confront the alien in the dark.

In man the alien arises from the dark as the sexual drive to replicate itself in the light of the sensory world. All the wars, rape, genocide, greed and moral duplicity are effects of the sexual self’s insatiable craving for sensual experience, whatever the loss of human virtue. In woman the alien is registered as the conflict between residing in her passive state of love and being pulled outwards by the male-induced sexual drive to compete with man in the world. To survive in such a harsh loveless environment a woman abdicates her divine power, which degenerates as force to combat the emotionally charged interactions with those in her environment. But to the degree a woman is consciously attuned to her place of love within, she is then able to do whatever she does in the world more effectively without compromising her essential dignity.

Man’s alien possession is more easily integrated into his way of life since he has subconsciously designed the world to enjoy his self through the innumerable outlets for his self-satisfaction. These include business, sport, pornography, entertainment and recreational pursuits which cover the overt nature of his rampant sexuality. Until a man has questioned his life with enough depth and inner knowledge to grasp the magnitude of the task at hand – to transform his sexual self to love – he will never rest easy for long. The drive of the phallic energy to indulge his selfish desires will override his nobler qualities inherent within the being. However, even though he will despise himself at times (and perhaps weep at the weakness of his resolve to master his base feelings of worthlessness), he must not lose heart. Man cannot discover his divine authority until he has passed through to the other side of his alien self. This is done by being more conscious each moment he’s reminded and through being open to serve the female principle when the opportunity to love her is there.

A woman is unable to love to her full potential until she’s faced the alien within herself – the raw emotion of fury towards man for failing in his task of uniting her with God, the purity within her own being. The tension, anxiety and rage a woman feels are the male-induced emotional energies which are alien to her essential nature of pure love. She must somehow starve out this negative force that has possessed her and ruined her life. She does this in the first instance by refusing to compromise with man’s sexual demands, which attach her to the repetition of experience in the world. As a woman begins to reclaim her ground of love through the containment of any emotional reactions, she develops a spiritual discernment to recognise the alien as soon as it begins to rise. This has the effect of purifying old destructive patterns such as self-doubt and fear. Woman has only to be what she is as the personification of love on earth to attract man who is worthy to unite with her as one consciousness, and for both to give back to the world something of lasting value.

The appalling condition of the world, with its injustice, poverty and disregard by the rational mind for anything that cannot be intellectually proven, mirrors the realm of the subconscious of humanity. This subconscious realm represents the range and influence of the alien self. Beyond this level of mind is the unconscious, the power which runs the earth and cosmos, and is the guiding light within us all. When man and woman begin to invoke the light of the unconscious through the discovery of something greater than the personal self, a remarkable transformation occurs. The alien in the dark, from being in blind ignorance of anything other than its own self-created world, begins to sense – and eventually serves – the mystery behind its own inception. In the final surrender, the light and dark merge as original unity beyond all superlatives as One: the power and glory of divine impersonal love.