The Changing Perspective

October 23, 2021 0 By Lance Kelly

Reality by its very definition must be an unchangeable state. Relative to the truth of existence, unless something can be demonstrated at any time it’s not real.  An example is that everything happens now in the immediacy of the moment. What does change however is the perspective of the times, which is forever being refined as to the significance and purpose of life on earth. In the modern age, perhaps the greatest shift in perspective has been through the cosmic image of the earth observed from outer space. The impact of such revelatory impressions changes the global perspective, but the change in the collective consciousness of humanity is glacially slow.

The living process unfolds in such a way as to provide a means to discard a familiar way of life for the new. Puberty is  a climacteric which introduces the vital reproductive energy into the body that marks the end of childhood and the emergence of the maturing adult; and further on in the lives of many comes the ‘midlife crisis’. If the person is not too attached to the security of a habitual way of life, the perspective of the world changes accordingly and is registered inwardly as an upsurge of inspirational energy. The man or woman perceives their life from a new place within the psyche. What’s happening is that the body consciousness is being updated, not unlike our computers, from the nucleus centre located deep within the brain.

In terms of its potential for cosmic consciousness, the human race is still struggling to get off the bottom rung of the ladder. However, anyone who realises a level of consciousness that transcends the rational mind immediately sees humanity’s predicament. A global society firmly rooted in the materialism of the objective world cannot appreciate the freedom of being liberated from any positional reference of the mind. An example is science’s misguided attempt to get back to the origin of the universe through four billion years of past – the elapsed time between then and the optimum point of the present. It would be preposterous, except that the scientific interpretations are universally accepted. Anyone who dares to point out the simple flaw in the speculative theories of the scientific body is likely to be verbally abused, ridiculed or possibly denounced as a madman.

The events and circumstances of any particular epoch in human history provide energetically the inspiration for new ideas to arise through the minds of the people of those times. It does this through a diminishing point of the human psyche that connects all life forms on the earth to the source of abstract life. When an artist creates a picture to obtain a realistic effect, a technique is used to draw the eye to a spot on the horizon in which the receding parallel lines diminish. This is called the vanishing point and is a key element in many works of art. Our sensory awareness has a built in vanishing point which enables the creation to be seen with extraordinary depth and contrast. When we look out onto the horizon it often appears to blur and becomes transparent. This is the sensory perception of the past disappearing over the edge of existence and yet forever being recreated in time.

Time as we know and apply to our way of life is not real time but operating at a slower gradient consonant for the frequency for sensory perception. As time speeds up, there is an increased focus (like the magnification in a lens) and a deeper perception of reality. Each physical body or organism is in a particular position in space and time. The more an individual is divested of time as separation from the immediacy of now, the more profound the perspective of the eternal mystery that is life.

Extract from e-book: ‘Humanity: A Spiritual Perspective of the Times’