The Land of Love

March 21, 2020 1 By Lance Kelly

There’s a place which is intimately known in the depths of each man and woman. It’s a place which restores everything that enters its realm to its original state of purity. Its name is the land of love. Everyone at some time is touched by love’s embrace, perhaps unexpectedly during the day, when it’s like walking on air above the petty concerns of the world. Since we’re naturally connected to this inner source of joy, why is it that so many people feel disconnected for much of the time? And furthermore, is it truly possible to reside in a permanent state of love? And the answer is yes.

When someone appears to lose touch with this place, the mind is compelled to create a personal version based on the opposite polarities of the pleasure and pain of past experience. But in the land of love there are no opposites, which there are in the outer world. Love is simple but rarely able to be demonstrated in the world. This is because, as a race, we continually reaffirm our existence through a degraded power of love which is emotion. Love is not an emotion but an original state of being. Real love is unfathomable and becomes ever more beautiful until, within the depths of its immeasurable mystery, all trace of existence eventually disappears. And yet something endures which, although beyond all knowing, is preserved in the being as the rapture of union with the principle of love.

It’s we human beings who leave the land of love, not the other way round. Love appears to fade when a person becomes overwhelmed by the emotional energies of past experience. Love has to be made conscious by continually letting go of all the pain and disappointments of the past. In the state of love, the energy of death functions as the elimination of the last moment. The energy of the past, without being continually negated, builds up as a corrosive blockage and suffocates love on earth. Love cannot be demanded, and yet it’s commonplace for people to have an expectation of others to appease their own inner discontent. Their error is to assume that love is a static thing, instead of a continually moving state of supreme integrity and justice that responds to the situation of life in accordance with an individual’s light of self-knowledge.

To reside in love’s realm, the solution is to be consciously present in the body without thought or intent. Most importantly, it’s to frequently acknowledge the inner state of love through being grateful to the source of life or God. People have become accustomed to focus on their pain instead of the good in the life, which is always there underneath any rumblings of emotion. We all must bear the dissolution of our own former ignorance gathered in time when we knew no better. But in the discovery of something more real that is always there, the life begins to take on a new dimension of inspirational purpose on the way to the land of love. The simplicity of putting the attention within, when practised regularly, heals not only the wounds of the past but provides whatever is needed to bring more light and love into the external circumstances of the life.

As the power of love becomes more consciously realised, the greater the imperative to continually break any structures that would encroach on the purity of space. Space and love are synonymous as the ubiquitous presence of the creative principle in existence. As space is the absence of form, so love is the absence of emotion and encompasses everything while holding on to nothing. Without space, life on earth would be impossible; and without love there would be no romance as the struggle of man and woman in their search for spiritual union.