The Last Word

January 28, 2018 0 By Lance Kelly

Every action in the world is a preparation for the moment of death. Although this is mostly unconscious to the mind, one way to experience what it’s like to die is to refuse to have the last word in an argument. Any situation which stirs the emotions is an opportunity to be more aware of the workings of the self. Self-knowledge is being conscious of what’s previously been unconscious and spoiling the quality of the life. The satisfaction of having the last word strengthens the self’s position as the usurper of love in the world.

We all know how quickly emotional feelings arise as indignation, or when offence is taken at the assumption we’ve been slighted in some way. This is overcome with the realisation that to justify anything, particularly from the past, is another time trap devised by the human mind to avoid being responsible for life in the present. However, people have mostly abdicated responsibility for the pain of their own making. It’s become an accepted way of life to blame or accuse others for what’s causing the unhappiness and discontent in their lives. This is the antithesis of the spiritual life, which is why it’s so rare for anyone to transcend their emotional feelings. But given sufficient inspiration, it can be done.

The task is to break the attachment to the need to have the last word as a reactionary impulse of the self. People often feel compelled to ‘butt in’ when someone else is speaking. However, with perseverance in the process of self-enquiry a natural pause develops. This clarity of space neutralises the current of emotional energy which is normally triggered so quickly. In becoming more inwardly alert, a speed of perception develops which is swifter than the emotion. Of course, there are times when it’s necessary to be firm; but to the degree that an individual is conscious in the senses and externally aware, the action will serve to eliminate any emotional negativity. Emotion is unable to move when present in the senses. To the degree that this state can be held, the whole of the life is changed to a new octave of being.

The surrender of the last word is an action of humility, and when made conscious is an inner offering to the most High. When this happens the last word is reduced back to now, which is the point of eternity. And finally, the surrender of the last word becomes the power and the glory in the unity of Divine Being, the all-encompassing love that is God.