The Mask

July 25, 2020 4 By Lance Kelly

The masks that people are obliged to wear in public due to the current pandemic are symbolic of something that’s been masking the truth of these times. The truth of any symbol is in the unconscious which can only be perceived to the degree that an individual’s personal subconscious has been purified of any attachment to the objective world.

A mask conceals, either with intent to alter the appearance or as a means to ward off a potential threat, and in some cultures to placate ‘evil spirits’. Psychologists sometimes refer to the mask as a symbol of the self that’s able to appear in various guises. This is the masking of the personality which contains innumerable personas worn as a cover-up to disguise the authenticity of character behind the façade. Featureless faces now roam the streets and converge in shops like zombies with only the eyes, the ‘windows of the soul’, visible and still able to convey something of our original nature. The irony is that man and woman as sovereigns of the earth must now humble themselves and appear in the world with a strange appendage attached to the face, which makes us look not so different to some of the beasts of burden of our animal heritage.

Men, it’s been observed, object to wearing a mask more than women since the male dons the psychic mask of self in the world more or less all of the time. Wearing a synthetic mask makes many men feel uncomfortable because the projective range of self has been reduced, their position in existence being compromised by an external apparatus. This has the effect of magnifying the self-conscious personality which then becomes vulnerable to emotional manipulation by others. Woman is generally less resistant to wearing a mask because she feels in some way shielded from the force of male sexuality. In certain cultures, a woman adopts an attire which covers her completely except the eyes. The female principle’s name is mystery, which is why she never wants man to know her, but simply for him to love her as his beloved on earth.

The coronavirus has been orchestrated by humanity specifically as a means to accelerate the next phase of human earth culture. This is being introduced through a radiant idea gradually arising to conscious awareness from the unconscious realm of mind. As the idea enters the human psyche it dislodges previously dormant forces of past human experience which, when released, rise up to sensory awareness. By denying certain freedoms of movement and restrictions to the normal activities of a vast segment of the earth’s population, there is now a build-up of enormous psychic energy. It’s not unlike travelling forwards in a car and suddenly changing gear to reverse. This has been necessary to shatter the dense outer crust of the human psyche to assist the inner process. The masquerade is over for anyone who is willing to surrender their personal self for the greater good of the human race. This is the spiritually productive aspect of these unprecedented times which can assist in removing the mask of deception that obscures the clarity of the inner vision.