The Miracle of Life

January 17, 2021 1 By Lance Kelly

The miracle of life is that there is no death. It’s the human way to mistake bodies for life and then suffer when the body dies. The life within each body never dies but simply goes on towards a new phase of reality. After death, divested of attachment to the world and its experience, the life is now unrestricted in its state of immortality. The light of consciousness, which is the divinity behind the body, ensures that the virtue and beauty of all that the individual man or woman represented while on earth is preserved within the psyche.

Just as life has no end, it has no beginning. To attribute the origins of life to a past event is like to trying to solve a jigsaw puzzle with the wrong pieces. The cyclic process of death and rebirth is a procedure of immense profundity which ensures that life is always here in existence. Life starts its journey into the sensory world as a feeling response to the intelligence in matter vibrating to the spiritual frequency of the earth. Beginning as an impulse of immeasurable intensity, life exerts a pressure from within the psyche to bring to life whatever it enters in existence. An acorn, for example, contains energetically the life force from which springs forth the incredible upsurge of creative energy of the mighty oak. This is the same essence of life within the human foetus, manifesting through different constituent atoms as the principle of man or woman in form.

We commonly attribute the term ‘life’ to the propagation of the species. We observe the miracle of life in the physical birth of the animal bodies and every living organism; this describes the formal aspect of life on earth. But from the inner perspective, we rarely intuit the idea of life before it takes form in the sensory world. This omission, particularly in science and the field of biology, results in a lopsided perception of life on earth. The absence of any self-knowledge in the purely materialistic study of life has the negative effect for the masses of magnifying the fear of physical death – the last formal link with the projected external body.

Is it possible that there’s no life in any other body or organism outside of what I register within my own body now? That’s the truth of life and possibly the hardest thing to grasp but can be demonstrated in each of us now. I cannot know the life in anyone else; everything else is an appearance in form. To assume otherwise involves a projection onto something outside the immediate reality of the body. I can only feel the life in this body, discernible as my wellbeing. The overriding sense of this is that life is good and that I, the individual man or woman, am life. From this it follows that how I perceive my world determines the actuality of the living experience from moment to moment while alive.

When in revolt to life by harbouring such feelings as hatred, resentment, self-doubt or fear, the world must reflect back these negative conditions as difficult outer circumstances. Whereas when in harmony with life as an absence of negativity, there is peace on earth despite the apparent conflict and appearance of things. I can then allow the miracle of life to unfold to bring true fulfilment in my projected world of sense.