The Original Trauma

June 2, 2023 0 By Lance Kelly

The original trauma of life on earth reverberates in every one of us and appears as the difficulties that must be valiantly borne. No one is exempt as each of us is apportioned at birth some degree of the unresolved experiences of humanity since time began. And yet without this apparent creative blip the idea of the whole structure of existence would be stillborn, making it impossible for life as we know it to evolve.

Anything, even a trauma, has to take its rise from a more profound reality in order to manifest in the physical realm. The original trauma, preserved for all time within the psyche of each life form, occurred when the idea of existence was conceived within the infinity of mind. Each of us is a working model of the evolutionary process, which culminated in establishing life on the surface of the earth. Myth, the most reliable source of truth, is the handwriting of the spirit which carries energetically the actual events as an ever-recurring moment of original truth. Folklore and legends are a product of time, whereas true myth is the timeless reality without beginning or end. What follows is a mythic recounting of the original trauma of humanity, which in a still mind can be registered as the echo of eternity.

In infinite mind a point of incandescent light emerged from the blackness to shatter the silence of the void; this was the idea of existence. It produced the biggest bang of all time and reverberates as the sensation we experience every moment of being alive. As the creative process intensified, the original trauma was the epic struggle of ‘I’, the principle of intelligence within every man and woman, to establish life on the surface of the planet linking both inner and outer realms.

For a long time during the transition period when human beings were emerging from the instinctual primitive to self-reflective beings, the original trauma was integrated throughout the psyche so as to be minimally distressing. Physical pain was unavoidable, but the trauma of being in a physical body with all its restrictions was naturally accepted. However, at a certain point in evolutionary time something happened to demarcate a new order of life which radically altered the way the original trauma impacted upon the people and the species: the emergence of human nature as opposed to nature and the earth.

Humanity had reached the evolutionary point of no return. From now on the only way to go was forward on a progressive wave – to create a world in revolt to the natural order of things. The structure of the psyche began to respond accordingly with strange changes and anomalies in the behaviour of men and women. The full implications of what had happened would never be fully grasped, except by the few who dared to make the crossing to unite with the point of their own reality. The original trauma was now exposed as the raw emotional energy of the unconscious and entered the personal space of the minds of human beings.  

The spiritual life, in which we’re all engaged, is the epic journey back to the source of life itself. The process continues today, not in the evolution of the physical species (which is virtually complete) but in the becoming of humanity as beings of a higher consciousness on earth. The error is the assumption that the individual man or woman evolves, for our life is not a personal affair. It’s life on earth as a totality of being that is evolving – an impersonal movement synonymous with the evolution of consciousness. What we’ve created must be resolved in time. Somehow we have to transcend the original trauma through whatever means at our disposal; life with all its hardships and beauty must be lived through. God, or the omniscient power behind creation, has not abandoned the human race; but we are each compelled in the struggle of existence to become more conscious of life’s divine purpose.  

Extract from e-book: Humanity: A Spiritual Perspective.