The Perfect Lover

May 16, 2020 1 By Lance Kelly

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder – an old saying which contains an element of truth. Whether we know it or not, each of us is searching for completion with our perfect lover. He or she may not be physically beautiful in a worldly sense but will have an unmistakeable quality which creates a heightened sensitivity when in their presence.

The perfection, however, isn’t the man or woman but the state of love expressive in all its wild abandonment and creative intensity. This searing impersonal love eliminates the cloying sentimentality of human attachment and introduces a dynamism of extraordinary magnetic power. The transition from human to divine lover is intense and all-consuming as the resolve to serve the principle of love becomes the main focus of the life. Eventually, through Grace, the personal taint of self is transformed through the heroic undergoing of love’s purpose on earth. The perfect lover has been made simple through the experience of their relationships in the sensual world. Such a man or woman then communicates through presence, and in physical union their inner nature is able to merge with great love and tenderness in the deepest centre of the beloved within the being.

The pinnacle of life as a human being is to be loved by the personification of God in existence. Only in the validation in the flesh and blood body through such an exalted presence (ordinary as they may appear) can the original state of love be realised at a level where the life is irrevocably changed by the power of the spirit. And yet the perfect lover is always now, at least as a potential in the living life. This is because in a partnership, be it harmonious or challenging, something is happening that is altering what happened last moment. Nothing is static, but an ongoing collision of incalculable complexity of forces which energetically orchestrate our lives and that of the celestial bodies which revolve in the consciousness of the mind.

For someone without a partner the perfect lover is present, albeit not necessarily physically manifest in the flesh. It’s possible to connect with the energy of this love by being still and putting the focus inside the body. What is registered when nothing becomes the sweetness of existence without formality is the formless love, which waits for the moment to be made real in sense. However someone advanced in age, who is perhaps no longer able or inclined to make physical love, can rest easy in the living reality of all the love that has been made in the great journey through existence. This can often be observed in dear elderly men and women who are content to sit for hours gazing out across the fields or the sea, naturally connected to their perfect lover within the being.

The perfect lover is a companion in both life and death. The actual living experience is the formal aspect of love’s purpose, whereas the virtue of the often difficult situations that must accompany great love is the immortal state. In that other place, free of the restrictions of physical bodies, the reality behind the form is creatively free as a joyous expression of the authentic spiritual being. Love in the immortal space is complete as a unity of everything anyone has ever loved or recognised as the beauty and wonder of the sensory earth. This heavenly emanation is the purity of love without formality. Here, someone only has to think of a loved one and they’ve immediately united with them. But also, it’s possible to enjoy the smell of the rose or the rain, all being created simultaneously within the being.

Finally, if the love between partners has been real and true enough while embodied together on earth, they are united forever in that immortal place beyond death – and are never seen again, except perhaps as the twinkle of some distant star. And whoever gazes upon that star in a state of pure receptivity to love will be inspired and assisted in some way towards union with the perfect lover, which is the eternal destiny of us all.