The Perfection of Now 

July 11, 2020 2 By Lance Kelly

Perfection is now as cause and effect simultaneously. Thus whatever happens now at this moment is perfect unto itself; but the perfection can only be validated in the absence of thought or reflection on the last moment or any moments before that. The past is the imperfection of existence grafted onto the human psyche as holding onto the memorable impressions of life.

Birth is the resurrection of time that resonates as the psychic frequency of innocence in a vital new body. As the point of now shimmers in timeless radiance, the ghosts of generations past linger in the underworld, feverishly awaiting their chance for another turn of sensual experience that only a living body can provide. Death on earth is the accrual of past which chokes the stream of now. In the refusal to surrender the last moment, the human race limps behind the present. Virtually everyone alive engages in life as shades of their spiritual potential – mirror beings reliant on the past to substantiate their relative reality while alive. Only when the past is continually eliminated (as a conscious release of the holding onto the world) can life be lived without fear or compromise.

The physical body is the living symbol of now. Nothing ever happens where the body is not present. From birth until death, the body is the vessel for life and love to be experienced in sense. Primed at birth, each baby body develops with faultless precision to participate in time to bring about events and circumstances to satisfy the insatiable human craving for experience. Whether loving, hurting, maiming or healing, the one demonstrable point of reality is the moment when everything happens that is now. But like a mist on the horizon, the past engulfs the purity of mind and vision to induce a dreamlike trance, which is reinforced by other minds of those oblivious to now and drifting along the stream of time. The way out of the quagmire of human suffering is through being present in the body with the attention focused on something real and permanent in a world of impermanence.

At any moment I am embodied in sense, which affirms my physical actuality in space and time; this is the formal representation of now. Simultaneously as the presence of intelligence in matter, I am eliminating the last frame of existence through being conscious in the senses and registering the world around me. This is the inner demonstration of now. When the optimum point of the present can be held for longer periods until it becomes an integrated state of being, I am informed every moment of whatever needs to be known. Finally, I am sustained by the integrity of the whole of life and evolving state of the universe. The personal life then takes on the quality of the timeless realm as each area of the living life is divested of problems and brought up to the perfection of now.